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I was sitting on my couch when I heard a random knock at the door. I got up.mad that my lazy brother didn't get it.
"What do you want"
I took a minute and looked and saw who it was. It was the two and only Jack and jack.
"Uh- sorry ma'm but our tour bus broke down and i have no clue were we are"Jack J said.
"I know who yall are"i said. They kinda chuckled.
"So your a fan hah"gilinsky said. I shook my head yes and looked down because i was blushing. "Well uh i have to give you a hug, come here" Gilinsky said. He brought me into a bug hug. I invited them in and we talked for a little bit.
"So our bus is down and we have no place to stay because our hotels were already bought and we already have to cancel the tour so do we know anyone in Kentucky" Jack J said asking Gilinsky.
"We know no one besides this girl Eliza"gilinsky said. When he said my name I was snapped out of my thoughts.
"Um we can ask my mom if you just want to sleep in our basement, i mean its just her, my bro, and I" I told them. They both nooded at each other So I called my mom.
(Mom:m Eliza:E)

M:whats up sweetie
E: hey mom so you know the guys i like always talk about and you like their music. Well their bus broke down in front of the house and they need a place to stay for 4 days. And we have a basement that has a futon. So whatcha say.
M: well as long as its four days.
E: cool mom thanks
M: Eliza, dont forget about the town banquet and ball.
E: yes mom love you
M: love you too bye
Then we hung up. Jack and Jack heard the whole thing beacause I put her on speaker. I continued to watch The Fosters and jack and jack joined. Soon my brother Cole came down stairs.
"Who are these guys"he said confused.
"Cole this is jack johnson and Jack gilinsk. Jacks thos is my brother cole he is a year younger then me"i said.
"Cool hey El can we go shoot some ball"cole said. I nooded and went to change into some sports wear. No one was here and I didn't expect the jacks to play with us so I wore a black sports bra and high-waisted spandex. I put my hair in a pony and went outside. Then I saw the Jacks.
"Omg"i almost yelled because i was like half naked.
"What El"cole said.
"Im only wearing a sports bra and high-waisted spandex whet are they doing out here"i said.
"They wanted to play so I let them"cole said. I stayed behind the wall were they couldn't see me. "You can come out its not like its a neighbor seeing you"cole said. I slowly walked out and cole started clapping. "Finally big sis comes out, so bro and siis against best friends"cole said. They nooded at eachother.
Then it happend. Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky took off their shirts at my house, in front if me. I died. I looked back trying to hide my blushing face. I got my game face on and started the game. Cole had the ball first and he passed it to me. I was being blocked by Johnson. So I kept pushing him with my butt so he could grt back. It was kida awkward but thats how you play. Once I got away from johnson i had a perfect shoot.
I made it in a Johnson laughed. I laughed too. Then he cane up to me grabbing my hips. "Game on babe"he whispered in my ear. My breath hitched and I was going crazy. We started again. This time I was supposed to catch it but Johnson cought it. I was still cought up in all the hand touching Jack just did.
So we got in our positions again except this time Gilinsky had the ball. "You really think seducing me is gonna work. Well its not Jack. But i mean i did like the way it felt."i said. While I put both arms around his neck then trailed them down his abdomen. I watch as his breath hitched and he coughed.
We ended up getting the ball because Jack was distracted.

It was the end of the game and we were winning, 22-21. If we got the next point we won, but i the jacks got the next point we had to do face off. Time to make him really look. We had a quick water break. I grabbed my water bottle and squirted the bottle to cool me off. I saw Jack looking and I fixed my top purposely. I heard Johnson choke on his water.
"Wow j are you okay"gilinsky said.
"Im fine"he said looking at me.
That ended up working and Cole and I won. I looked at the time and saw it was 5, we had the banquet. I told jack about it and they said they wanted to come. I pulled my dress out of the laundry room and rushed to take a shower.
As i walked down the hall way. I heard "thats a nice dress"and its sounded like Johnson. I took a shower, dried, and straightened my hair. I put it in a stylish braided bun with my bavks let down. I put on my make up and was ready. I walked down to see the boys ready. Johnson wore a white button-up shirt with navy blue anchors on it, navy blue shorts, and navy blue vans. Cole wore a black button up, khakis, and black vans. Gilinsky was wearing a nice black sweater, black pants, and black snapback with his hair swopped to the side.
"Wow, Eliza you look great"Johnson said. I laughed because we ligit matched each others outfits. I wore a navy blue dress. The top of the dress was full navy blue, then the skirt was navy blue with white strips, and the top has a white collar and navy bow. I also wore navy blue heels and a cute bracelet to match.
"Lezzz go"i said. I grabbed my car keys off the tabel and we left. We got there early because my mom is apart of the committee. No one was there yet. So we took pictures. I took one with my brother and we looked exactly alike. Then i took one with gilinsky were we are doing the praying pose. Then johnson, he grabbed me by my waist and said something funny. I laughed and he laughed and gilinsky snapped the pic. I posted the one of gilinsky and I with the caption "pray its good for you w/ ma friend @jackgilinsky". My bro posted the pic of us saying "happy smiles with my big sis, still taller then you @itselizafloyde". I liked his photo and we left to sit at our tabel. Jack g took a group selfie with all of us sitting at the tabel.
Gilinsky posted the photo saying "the fam is here @_colefloyde__ @itselizafloyde @jackjackjohnson". Eventually people started piling in. The music started and we all danced. I went to go get food because why not im hungry. I got a full plate and sat down at the tabel. I looked in the corner of the room and saw Johnson talking to my mom. Then i cheacked my phone. Everything was blowing up.
I saw Johnson posted the picture of us saying "I love this girl, aint she the cutest. #matching @itselizafloyde".
I blushed and saw he was smiling at me from the corner of the room. I was blushing. Then he started walking towards me. I stood up and started walking towards him. We met in the middle and kissed. It was just butterflies. It was great he was great.

Super long!!! Dangggg 1354 words. Dang!

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