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Im good now. So like im afraid of writing like a dirty imagine because like some of yall aren't of age yet so im not doing it, ive gotten like 8 requested thoe sorry.

I was sitting on the couch next to my boyfriend Jack Gilinsky. We have been dating for a year and our anniversary was in two days. I didn't want to do anything besides go see family in California. Since we lived in L.A i was planning on driving down there with a couple of friends. Especially because my little cousins 7th birthday was tommorow. And so was his party.
I invited Jack, Jack J, Cameron, Taylor, and Shawn. Nash and Sammy couldn't come so I invited Tay plus Tay was my arm buddy and Shawn was my muffin man. My nick names for them haha. Tay was arm buddy because when we were in magcon together we used to see hiw had the best arms. Good times.
       So Jack and I were driving our car, while Johnson, shawn, and cam took Johnson's car. And Taylor took his own because he had to leave early. I know kinda weird me Eva bringing all guys. All my girl friends were out hanging with their boyfriends. Thats also the reason Nash and Sammy didnt come.
I was packing my clothes because the jacks, shawn, cameron, and i were going to stay the night. Alot of people so we brought a air matress. Jack and I would have to sleep in the guest room, johnson and shawn would have to sleep on the recliners, and cam would have to sleep on the long couch. Plus my brother and his gf would have to sleep on the matress. My mom, grandad, and my other brother were sleeping at my other aunts.
     While I was packing I felt arms around me. I felt Jack sigh into my hips. He stoped and stood up straight and looked at me. I put my hands on his chest and looked into his eyes. He brought his lips close to mine and we kissed. He threw me down on the bed still kissing me. I rolled us over and layed there and cuddled he kissed the top of my head. "Cant we just stay here"he said.
   "Nope babe lets get going"i said. We grabbed all our stuff and packed the car. While we were driving out to Anahiem we had the windows down jamming out to my pandora, inclouding<spelled that wrong woops> kalin and myles, shawn, rae sremmurd, shabba, a$ap ferg, ed sheeran, and artic monkeys. We stopped at target to get my cousins birthday present. He liked pokemon, mine craft ,and baseball. So we got him a minecraft playstation game and a new baseball mit. When johnson, shawn, tay, and cameron stopped they got him some pokemon and minecraft toys. We packed them and put them in the car.

        We drove for another good 20 minutes and we arried at my aunts house. Whe we got there its was time to party. At the end of the party everyone was tired. We went inside for a little then we went to sit out on the back porach. We all talked all tired and stuff so we sounded a little off. I was sitting on Jacks lap and he smacked my butt. I looked at him shocked. 

"FINNEGANnn"i yelled. "now im going to leave" i went over to johnson and sat on his lap. Gilinsky jut scooleded me. Then i got up and went inside to sleep. I felt a pair of arms wrapp around you. I layed taking the heat from his body.

The next day my whole family was going to meet at this bomb mexican place for lunch. Both Jacks were coming but the others had to go home. Its was 11 and the lunch was at 12. So Jack and I got ready before everyone else. Then we just sat and cuddled on the couch. Then my aunt came out and said that we had to go.

Whe we arrived, we got seated at a table with all chairs. My brother was looking away, and my mom had a huge smile on her face and so did both of the jacks. What was going on? As we were eating Jack slowling started rubbing my leg, then jack j looked at him and smiled. Jack stood up, got down on one knee and proposed. My mom was cryin with tears of joy, my brother was happy but trying to be tuff at the same time, and the rest of my family was clapping. Then...

I got shot by the intruder. And then it got dark. I.WAS.DEAD.

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