Jack Gilinsky

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  "VERA!!"my friend yelled. She screamed from the bottom of our apartment. "OMG VERA!!! dude okay your here, Jack Gilinsky got madison beer prego!!!!! Holy shhhhhhhh"she yelled in my ear. As soon as I heard Jacks name I just blanked out. He was the only guy I fell in love with, til he left me, to go on tour. He said quote "i can't be with you if i'm always on the road, i can't be with anyone"... Then a month later he got with madison and that broke me to the last bone in my body. Its been 4 years now, and i've moved on but when his name is mentioned I freeze. I'm in a relationship with this guy named connor. Since I'm now a actress, TMZ loves to think i'm jealous. He tries to text me saying "lets just be friends". Like how bout not... 

Like he broke my heart i'm obviously not just gonna be friends with him. I decided to go on a walk to forget about it. I turned off my phone completely ignoring everything. Someone was walking across the street at the same speed I was. I just kept speed walking till I was in front of the beach. I found a nice silent spot to relax and be in. I took off my shoes and dug my feet into the sand. Someone sat next to me and was breathing heavy. I didn't want to look for I remembered his scent.

"Vera, I'm sorry. I love you still and it's just hard I don't know what to do" connor said. I didn't want to talk to him, not after what he did. He went to a club and sold drugs, which put everyone around me in danger.
   "LEAVE, NOW BEFORE I YELL EVEN MORE" i screamed. He started running and I put my head in my lap crying out all my fears. Crying out about my past. Someone sat next to me again. Thinking it was Connor i yelled "GET OUT PLEASE" i sobbed. The person pulled me into them. I inhaled a scent that I haven't smelled for years it felt like. I sobbed more, and im sure i even felt tears drip on my own head. 

 "Vera-- that a** doesn't deserve you" jack finally spoke. I kept crying and I got up. I ran, not fast but as fast as i could. 

**8 months later**

    After that day I talked to Jack more, he comforted me after the whole beach thing. Today I stayed home and stared at my wall and counted the bumps. I got calls from jack. I picked it up.

"hey ja-"i said but got cut off.

"madison is having the baby like right now, we are at linclon memorial hospital"he said and hung up. I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door. I drove and eventually reached the hospital. I knocked on the door and it slowly opened. I walked in and saw everyone, literally everyone standing around the bed. Light sobs were coming for people. Then i heard something that broke my heart. "don't, don't leave me here"i heard jack sob. As i fully turned, I got full view of what happen. There laid a breathless Madison Beer on the bed eyes closed and mouth open. Jack was on his knees with his baby wrapped in his arms, he was sobbing and looking down. I bent down next to him and he looked up. "oh vera"he started and sobbed into my shoulder. I couldn't help but hurt for them. 

    People started leaving the room until jack and I were still on the floor crying. He looked up his face still had tears. I looked down at the baby, sleeping. So peaceful and so beautiful. Looks just like her daddy. I took her from his arms and held her in mine. The people came in to get madison, Jack kissed her forehead and they took her away. He walked over to us. He grabbed my hand. "jack i can't- i can't leave you with this beautiful baby girl. Im not leaving you two."i said.

"vera- will you be her mother, please, please move in with me so she doesn't grow up thinking she doesn't have a mom, please vera"he pleaded. 

"I'd be honored"i smiled a slight smile.

*10 years later*

     Jack and I raised baby Maddie and now she is 10 years old. She means everything to me. After everything Jack was heart broken. Today we were moving out of the apartment, we have had it since Maddie was born. I was packing everything when I found something.

Dear vera,

    I had this fear, this fear of when i had her that i would die. I am so so scared. If you are reading this that means i'm dead. I hid this in my drawer on purpose for you to find. And if you did find this, that means you live with Jack and my beautiful baby. And I honestly thank you for that. Please take care of both of them, they are my pride possessions. Honestly I was jealous of you, I knew you would be with Jack in the end, that's why i was so scared to lose him. Just please take care of them.



  I held the note near my heart and let a tear slip out.  After everything, it took 5 years for Jack to get over Madison, then him and I started dating. Sad to say this, but we told Maddie about her mom on her 10th birthday. Her response was the cutest. "im kinda upset i didn't get to meet her, she gave birth to me. But mommy you are my real mom and im so lucky you made me and daddy happy"she let out a tear and grabbed Jack and I and hugged us both. I am so lucky to have gotten to know Madison and be able to raise her child for her. 

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