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      I'm bored so why not...

             The end of my senior year I got pregnant with Samuel Wilkinson's baby. Sammy never contacted us after that. He's only been to our babys party and a couple time he took the baby for a day. He left me as soon as he herd about the baby. Sam was the player. He just never stuck to one girl. Lucas is turning 3 in 2 days. Hopefully his dad won't miss this.

        I sent a letter to his mom.


         Hi Mrs. Wilkinson please give this to Sammy.
Sam your son Lucas is turning 3 in 2 more days. We are having a party. Hopefully you can make it. It would mean a lot to Lucas.


            *2 days later* *the party*

                                  *still Diana's POV*

         "Welcome Lucas is in the back playing in the bouncy house" I said. Sam hasn't showed up yet.

        "Mommy is daddy coming"Lucas asked. I nooded yes. Lucas took his dads last name. He had sams eyes and  lashes. Lucas had my skin color and was built like his dad. He looked like a mini Sammy.

        "Hey Diana where's my baby boy" Sam said walking in. He is in the back. Sam walked out to the back yard.

      "Daddyyyyy"Lucas yelled cheerfully.

        "Hey Luke, did you get taller, your growing so so big" Sam said. And Lucas just laughed. "Aww you have your Mommy's laugh" sam said. I went back inside to grab the cake. Sam followed. "Listen Diana I know you don't wanna talk but can we talk after the party" he said. I simply nooded and told everyone to come in side.


        *after party*

         It was 7:00 an the party just ended. That was long. "Lucas honey its time to go to bed"I said. "Mommy can daddy help tuck me in" Luke said. I totally forgot he was here. "Yes baby of course"

       "Daddy can you sing me a song"  Lucas said. Sammy nooded. Then he sound him the song he made when he was famous.


                  Could you be the one
                   Na -na-na-nah
                 Could you be the one
                  Girl you got me lost in your eyes.....

            He continued to sing till little Luke fell fast asleep.

"So what did you need to talk bout"I said sitting on my conch with Sammy sitting directly to my right.

         "Diana I know your not gonna except this but I want to be back in little Luke's life. I did wrong by abandoning him and you. I just didn't know what to do. I've been getting my act together. I moving into my own apartment with Nate and I just want Lucas back in my life. But most of all I want you back in my life. Diana I missed you. I missed us. When we broke up I was heart broken that I did that to you. Tried to get my mind off you but it didn't work you are in my mind every single day of my life. Diana I'm still in love with you"sammy said. I was shocked.

        "Can we just take baby steps. And Lucas can come over any time he wants or you wanna or something with him. But we are just taking baby steps"I said.

           *2 years later*

                    *still Diana's POV*

              "Bye Luke have a good first day at kindergarten"I yelled. "Be brave baby boy you are awesome "Sammy said. Sam and I were dating. Nate has his own apartment now and Sammy lives with Lucas and I. Sam and I both ad a day off work, hurray!

          Sam b I where cuddling on the couch. "Imma go get a tray of food"Sam said and got up. He went to the kitchen and came back with a tray. An the tray ad a both on it.

       Diana Adams will you marry me.

        I was speechless. "I know you don't like bid ideas so why not propose to you in our home. So uh will you marry me"Sammy said. Tears of joy came out and I nooded yes.

                I kissed him. Sure we have kissed before but never like this. It was so passionate so meaningful. I loved him so much.

         "Now we have our happy little family"Sammy whispered in my ear.

        I love Sammy wilkinson


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