imagine 9 sammy wilk:

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     Nate, Sammy, Kenny, Andrea, and i all sat around on the bus. Ive been dating sammy for 2 years now. We happend to be doing digitour slay bells. I loved sammy like alot. Hes always telling me that he loves me. Everyone was yelling, making snapchats, or eating. I grabbed my phone off the table sitting next to sam. He grunted and thats when i noticed i put my hand on his thigh.

     Sammy has been very sexually frustrated lately. Which meant i was able to tease him easily. I got up and purposely dropped my phone in front of sam. I bent down were my booty was showing just right for sammy. Then i felt a sting in my but. He had slapped my butt. Luckly everyone was busy to notice.

    "Grace you know not to tease me"sammy said in a low voice. Then i walked to the refrigerator with sammy following behind. He stood against the refrigerator watching me get a water bottle. I purposely went to the bottom shelf so my boobs were popping out. Then i stood up and threw the water bottle at sammy.

    "Here sammy you look thirsty"

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