imagine 7 jack gilinsky:

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                     Daniella's POV

             I just finished my sophomore year. And I was pregnant, with jack gilinskys baby. We had gotten in a fight about a week before I found out I was pregnant. I was 16, I was pissed I never ever wanted to be 16 and pregnant, F U jack gilinsky. My mom kicked me out of her house. I went to my dad and he was pissed he was about to go cut off gilinskys head. My dad was mad but he loved me and would never leave me on the street. My friend Lizzie was helping after I had the baby, she graduated before me and had free time. One of jack and i's friend Nate was the only one besides Lizzie who knew.  Lucky I got pregnant 4 months before summer break which was good because no one would notice. I was due a week before school started again.


            *2 years later*

          Evan was 2 years old and a sweet little boy who looked so much like his dad. Nate and I still are talking and he invited me and Evan to come on tour with them. I said yes only because I needed to get away from Omaha for a little. "Mommy are we gonna go see uncle Nate" Evan asked.

     "Yes baby, he is meeting us at the airport"I said getting him ready. He was wearing a red vans hoodie with kahkis and red vans. I quiffed his hair and he was ready. I was now getting ready and I was wearing a red vans shirt with black joggers and Jordan's. I put my hair in a high pony and we left.

      "Hey Danni" Nate said. He and Johnson met us at the airport, gilinsky and Sammy where already in LA.

     "Johnson" I yelled, I hugged him. I havn't seen him in a while.

      "Hey danni"he said and hugged back. "And hello to you lil man"Johnson said to Evan.

       "Hey uncle JJ" Evan responded. Johnson grabbed his hand and they started talking about legos an movies. While Nate and I where talking.

    "Daniella you have to tell gilinsky about Evan, he was talking bout you and how he couldn't stop thinking about you and how bad he felt" Nate said. I was shocked. After two years that man whore is still thinking about me. "Just think about it" Nate continued. I was thinking and I might tell him. Jack has never met Evan. (BTW if your getting confused I'm calling jack g, jack. And I'm calling jack j, Johnson. )

                  *after plane ride*

       We are meeting Sammy and Jack at the hotels. We are staying at the hotels for three days then going on the bus. "Hey sammy"I said excited to see him. "And hi jack"I said.

     "Uncle Sammy" Evan yelled excited.

      "And who is this little guy" gilinsky asked ruffling Evans hair. Oh god I wasnt ready.(she wasn't ready!!!!) I held it in.

    "Uh that's my son, he is two and his name is Evan"I said. Oh goshh. I couldn't tell him what if he would be pissed I didn't tell him or idk. Its funny though because Evan has lately been asking about dads. I mean he doesn't know much even about his on. Nate has always been the father figure in Evan's life. But I jut couldn't tell Evan that his dad was standing in front of him an that his dad was a famous viner or .... I just need to stop for a minute.

       "Uh Daniella is--is Evan mine"gilinsky asked tears starting to brim his eyes.

    "What?"I said nervously.

"You know i-i just thought he was mine because we dated two years ago and right before we broke up yo- you know. So is this my kid"gilinsky said now tears almost coming out.

    "Y-yes"I said finally being able to speak. Jack stormed out of the lobby up stairs. I'm pretty sure he was pissed. We all went to our rooms. I settled in Evan and had him watching TV on the bed. All of the sudden I herd a knock. I opened it an it was jack. We stood in the door way for a minute.

    "Do-does he know I'm his dad"jack said. I shook my head no. "Can I tell him, please, I kinda missed two years of my first born child's life"he said. I nooded and let him in. I sat on the other bed and watched in all go down. Jack sat exactly how Evan was sitting to his right. "He Evan can I tell you something"

      "Sure jack" Evan said. His bright brown eyes glistening up at jack. Gosh Evan looked so much like his father.

       "Evan I'm your father" jack said slowly waiting for Evan to respond. Evan sat and thought for a minute and I could tell he was struggling in tat little head of his.

      "Cool" Evan said. I laughed a little inside. Because even though Evan looks like jack he has my personality and he sounded just like me when he said that. I would have said the same thing.

        "So since I havn't Ben other for you imma take you and your mommy to peter piper pizza tonight, I'm so sorry for not being there for you so imma make it up to you by giving you unlimited tokens"jack said.

      "Its okay daddy I still love you"Evan said. They sat there for a minute watching bubble guppies until jack had to go to a meeting. "Bye daddy" Evan said waving.

        "Bye lil munshkin" jack said. I walked him to the door. "So I'll come pic you up at 5:30 and we will go catch up"Jack said and kissed my cheack. Honestly I really like gilinsky but its been two years since I last saw him. I'm not gonna rush into a relationship.

            *6 O'Clock *

      We where at peter piper walking around and playing games. Johnson and Nate came along because they were bored. Johnson was holding up Evan and they were shooting hoops."danni"jack said. I turned an looked at him. "Uh I wanna be in Evans life. I already missed 2 years of it an I don't want to miss anymore and I wanna be in your life too, its just I don't wanna rush you into a relationship. Maybe just baby steps"Jack said.

     I smiled an nooded my head in agreement."baby steps"I repeated.

       *4 years later*

       Jack and I got married an Evan was 6 years old. We lived in a small house in LA. Evan was in kindergarten, I was a live anchor for the news, and jack j and jack g where full time actors. We where so happy and it could never be better. We had our little family.


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