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Hey guys Em again. So like when i was lookimg for pictures for the kids i found justins. Omg he looks just like Nate its not nate but i really wanna see who it is. But dude doesn't he look like nate.

Again kaytlin but this time its kaytlin and nate.

Elias: Is 1 years old. He is a crazy little boy. He looks just like mommy and is super happy. Sometimes he isnt happy when he doesn't get to see daddy.

Samantha: She is 3 years old. She is a little cuttie. Also very fashionable she looks like a mixture of mommy and daddy. But she talks alot.

Justin: He is 17 years old. Almost off to college. He looks alot like his dad but is his mommys boy. He has a hard time trusting prople. But he knows is always there for him. He is always cought getting introuble with the drugs because he wants to seem cool.

    Kaytlin's POV

   When I was 18 i got pregnant with my first child Justin. Nate left me for his fame and his reputation. So I was a single mother. Once Justin turned 14 Nate decided to come his life. Nate was still famous as a full time rapper. Nate didn't know he had a child till gilinsky had a school reunion at his house and he saw Justin.
    Later that night Nate and i did the dirty. But he left me after. He left me a note saying he loved me but he needed to figure a few things out. I cried and cried once I found out I was yet pregnant with Samantha his other child. 2 years passed and he never returned my calls, messages, or emails. But then he came back to me. He was so cought up in everything.
   He told me that he loved me, said he had a dream, and that he would never leave me again. At first I didnt belive him. We started with baby steps until it became more. We started dating, but he wasnt allowed to live with us yet. One night Justin took Samantha to go get ice cream, the park, and the mall. I told him to go to the mall and get some new clothes because he was running low on clothes.
   Nate and I had the house to ourselves. Im guessing you know what we did from there. When the kids got back we were snuggling on the couch.
   About a month later I found out baby Elias was coming. I told Nate right away and he was happy. Although, he was having trouble with Justin liking him. Justin was mad that Nate wasn't there for him and for me. I didn't really care but it really got to Justin.
     The first time I have ever seen Justin cry was that night. I was 7 months pregnant. Nate was moving in and Justin was pissed. Heres what happend.

   Nate was unpacking his stuff into our house. Justin came out from his room and saw this.
   "Really you think you could just come in my house, be with my mom, try to support the two kids you obviously forgot about"justin yelled at Nate.
   "Baby calm down its okay"i said trying to calm him.
   "No mom he can-can't treat us like this"he said tears now down his face. I looked at Nate and he also had tears down his face.
   "Listen, justin I messed up. I didnt even know about you till you were 15 and then i left because i didn't know what to do. I only wanted what was best for you and i messed up"nate said.
    "Well maybe you shouldn't have. All my life. All my gosh damn life I have felt like it was my fault"he said his voice cracking a little. Soon he might be sobbing you could see it on his face.
   "Im sorry son i really am"nate said still tearing up.
   "I just wan-wanted m-my dad"Justin said now sobbing. Justin fell in Nates arms and they were both crying. Justin had a little hate of the fact he left but he got over it. And he eventually started calling him dad.

    2 months after that I had Elias. He looked almost identical to me. Nate lived with us for good and i knew he wasnt lieing when he said he wouldn't give up on us.
   A year later and my baby boy was almost off to college. My baby girl is 3 and is so sweet. And my baby baby is still growing so fast. Nate still lives with us. The tension between Nate and Justin is very little now. Nate loves him alot and Justin will never notice how much his dad loves him.
     Tommorow was Justins graduation and today we were going to see the texas rangers and the Dodgers play. I was so excited that Nate got all of us tickets. I was so happy I ligit almost peed myself. I packed the car and Nate took us to the ballpark.
     When we got there I was flipping out. I was flipping out so much that Nate had to take Elias out of my hands. During half time I was so bored. So Justin and I both played rock paper scissors to pass time. Then the announcement guys said something.
   "Please everyone take a look at that beautiful jumbo screen"the man said.
  On the jumbo screen it read. 'Kaytlin Gale will you marry me'I turned to see Nate on one knee. I started crying and Justin got up and about flipped out he looked excited that nate proposed. I yelled a huge yes and kissed Nate in front of everyone.
   I looked back to see my three beautiful children. Justin holding Elias and Samantha holding justins hand. I love this, I love my family.

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