imagine 30 Nate Maloley:

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My senior year in high school. Probably the worst year of my life. Besides History class with Mr. Maloley. They other girls called me crazy for me to think he was hot. But, he was. History was my last period of the day and I couldnt wait to be there.
Once I walked into class I fixed myself so I atleast looked hot. I wore high waisted light washed shorts, a cute black crop top, and some vans. I looked hot. The crop top made my boobs poke out a little bit but I was okay with that.
"Good afternoon class"he said walking to his desk. As he walked past my desk he said "And Ms. Martinez"he gulped. He must have noticed my out fit. After we took some notes he called me to his desk. "Um Anastasia, can i see you" i nooded my head and walked over. "Well Anastasia, you have an F in my class and I need you to stay after school"he said and looked me up and down.
I nooded my head and watched as everyone left the class room. I sat at the front desk next to his. He told me to come up to him. Then patted his lap for me to sit on him.

Now again the ending is in your hands. So comment the ending you want it to be. Winner will a shoutout. .

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