imagine 8 jack johnson

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(Listen to: somewhere only we know by: Keane)

         I litterally just found out that the guy that I supposedly loved used me for a bet. "Really Johnson you pecie of shit, I thought you fricking loved me, I'm done" I yelled. We were at Jake's party and Jake told me everything. I was now full on sobbing all the way to my car.

       "Samantha wait"Johnson yelled.

       "No I'm sick of waiting on you, I'm done don't come after me"I yelled. I had walked home because I had no car. When I looked back Johnson was back in the house.

              *Johnson's POV *

       I wasnt just gonna let her go. Sure it was a bet but I was actually in love with this girl. I went in grabbed my keys. Anger and Sadness rushed through me. I needed to apologize. But at the same time I wanted I was mad that Jake told her.

       I got into my car and drove off. I was speeding I ha to see her. All these emotions were running through me. Then I was thinking about the voice mall I had left her before I left in my car. The emotions were officially coming In. I had to see her. I sped up some more.

       Then... BAM!! I blanked out.

                 *Samantha's POV *

       I really loved that kid. He meant everything to me. After I hurd his voicemail and how he would do whatever it took I knew he might be the one. All o our memories together. Or like that one place that only we knew. Or how bout the time he took me ice skating for the first time. This guy actually loved me and I sent really see it till now. Then I got interrupted by a call.

      "Hello is this Miss. Harold"the lady said.

       "Yes mam"I said

        "Okay well your boyfriend Jack Johnson go in a serious car accident and  now dead, you were on his recent calls so we decided to tell you, we are so sorry"the lady said

      "Do you know where he was headed to"I said.

      "He was on the main street of flanton ave. He was turning into ranche neighborhood"the lady said.

        I hung up I sat on my knees and cried. He was coming to see me. I live in ranche neighborhood. WHY!!! I feel like I destroy everything maybe I should die to. Maybe people's lives would be better without me. I sobbed an sobbed and sobbed for hours. I grabbed my phone and listend to he voicemail he recently sent me.

       Hey Sam its jack, of course  you know, gosh I'm dumb. Anyway I wanted to say I'm sorry for tonight. I never meant to use you, or treat you that way. Sure at first I went along with he dare but I regretted it. I slowly learned that I was developing feeling for the one and only Samantha Harold. You meant everything to me Samantha.I would take a bullet for you. You are so gawgous an I would never trade any girl for you. I screwed up I needed to be there for you an I wasn't I should've said no to the dare. You are a one of a kind girl and I don't wanna lose you because if I do then I don't think I could live. Even though you might not forgive me I love you. I'll forever love you......

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