Imagine 44 Jack Gilinsky:

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I was just another fan, the usual knows everything and may or may not have a fan page. Today was Digi fest. I was so excited but also upset. Only because my phone was cracked and i couldn't take pictures.
I walked into the venue and felt all the excitement rush through me. My friend Kami came with me. She was like "fine Beth ill go". When she said that I felt like I actually had friends. We walked into the V.I.P area and I started twitching. I could see his toned muscles and dirty blonde hair. (Jacks new hair). Then next to him I saw madison. Oml. Honestly i didnt like her but if he was happy you know its all cool.
I walked in the line to meet them. When it was my turn the security came rushing them and I somewhere i have no clue where and why me. "Theres someone here with a gun theyve come to kill everyone here" i looked around and saw gun smoke everywhere. Then I saw Madison, the security gaurd forgot her. The last vision of her was getting shot in the stomach and blood was everywhere. I screamed and then someone grabbed my hand. I looked up and saw Gilinsky with a tear stained face. Poor baby.
We were led to a safe place and locked in so no one could come in. I also looked around and saw some people weren't in here. Like Hayes and Carter. Oml. All of the sudden someone was banging on the door. There was a small window that you could peak out of so I did. It was hayes screaming for help. Almost in tears. Then the guy shot him right in the head. Blood was all over the door now. The next thing I know is I see Kenny Holland and Carter running towards the door. Carter's leg looked broken and kenny was holding him up.
The killer noticed and turned around and saw them. He shot kenny twice, then carter 4 times. I screamed again. How can this happen right now. I huddled in the corner and saw everyone scared and some of them crying there eyes out. Gilinsky was sitting with his head in his hands, his shoulders moving up and down signaling he was crying. I know it may seem wierd and trust me it was, but I went over by him and drapped my arms around him. I put my head down taking all this bad shtuff happening. Then I thiught of Kami. I got up startled.
"Where is she! Where is Kami!!!"i yelled. The security guard was pulling me back from the door. Then I felt another pair of arms on my waist. I turned and saw Jack. He pulled me in and hugged me. I sobbed into his chest. "I cant lose her no!!"i yelled. I was sobbing probably sounding like a dieing cow but i didnt care. Jack pulled me down to the floor with him and we sat together cuddling. Him with light tears and me full on sobbing. Eventually my eyes started to drop and i was falling to sleep, so was jack.
Shook me awake, they told us it was okay to go. As we walked out the stage was in flames. Peoples bodies everywhere. They were all Fans, staff, or even the shows people. Gilinsky just held my hand and he held it tight. We walked to the front gate so we could all leave. As we were leaving i saw her, i saw Kami. She was shot three times. One in the head, another in the stomach, and one in the leg. As soon as i saw it i screamed and started sobbing. Jack saw how hurt I was and tears started to brim his eyes. I let go of his hand and completly fell to my knees just sitting there sobbing.
"Mr. Gilinsky you and that girl need to come with us for a few days to investigation and safety"one of the security gaurds said. I felt someone lift me up and carry me bridal style. He put me in the car next to Johnson and him. I just put my head in my hands crying. I felt Jack pull my shoulder then pulling me in so I could rest my head on his chest. Johnson just looked out the window. His face dirty from all the smoke and ash. Mine was probably too. Johnson was so setious and loving about his fans that it was crazy.
The security drove all of the survivors that were there to a hotel. A private hotel. Once we got in we were split into groups. There was 4 beds in each room. Johnson requested me to be in the room with them. I felt like he did it out of pitty because of how broken I was. So the room was me, jack j, jack g, sammy, nate, and john. I didn't care who i had to share a bed with, I just needed sleep and a shower. Apparently this was the same private hotel that jack and jack were already staying at so they had all their luggage.
We got to our room and settled in. The security was so strict on everything. We had to keep our windows closed, door locked, no awnsering to anyone sinve we each had a key, and No phone contact at all.
"Okay so since uh Beth i know you more then they do, i mean we did just meet but we talked alot. Ill be sleeping with you. Johnson and sammy are sleeping together. And swazz and nate are sleeping together "G said.
"Okay"was my response.
"Here, maybe a shower will help ease some of the pain. Just wear my clothes for now"he told me. He walked away from the bathroom door.
"Wait jack, thank you. Honestly. I know im just some stupid fan but it means alot. You've helped and i dont even know what would happen to me if you didnt pull me with"i said. Tears started coming down my face.
"Your more then just a fan to me"he kissed my cheek and left. I took a shower and put on the clothes he gave me. He gave me some boxers and a large black shirt.
I walked out and put my hair in a bun. "God damn" nate whispered. I giggled a little then slipped under the covers letting sleep take over.
When i woke up that morning i felt jacks arms around my waist. Security came in and woke us up. The led us to a meeting room and we talked to the police. They haven't found or identified the killer but they said that we would have to stay here till they can. I saw andrea russet look at me. "I have you covered on clothes"she whispered to me. "I packed a crap ton just in case i had accidents, you look chill and hurt and i honestly wanna help so it would be my pleasure "she told me.
"Oh my lanta thank you somuch" i said. I hugged her before i was rushed by security into my room.

After one whole week aka 7 days. They have identified the killer and cought him. He was 17 and crazy. I had honestly no ride and no money. I asked security and they just told me sorry sweetheart. Like wow bruh. Then I felt some strong familiar arms on my waist.
"I got you"jack said. I just lightly smiled. "I need to use your phone though" he grabbed my phone then did something. "Now beth you can call me or text me to talk about this event or something else, so i can get to know a wonderful girl like you"he said. An uber showed up and Jack gave me some cash. I kissed his cheek and he shook his head 'no'. He grabbed my face and full in kissed me. Our lips were smashed together and electricity shot through the kiss.

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