imagine 10:

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  Making nate imagines!!!

     I was at my friend Madison's party. Smoke and bottles everywhere. I only went to get drunk because who cares right. There was a girl asleep on the stairs this party was crazy.

   "Ey who wants to play truth or dare"someone yelled. I went and sat down were there was a big group. "Alrigh the rules are gonna be different, if you dont do a dare you have to take 4 shots"the same guy yelled. He was cute, he even had his shirt off. He had crazy Tatoos and really hot eyes. He was a cutie.

    Minutes passed and rhe next thing i know i was making out with the guy who was doing truth or dare. His name was nate. I dont remember half of the night.

      I woke up the next moring rapped in a pair of arms. I looked at who it was, and it was nate. I screamed.

    "Ahhhhhhh" i yelled.

    He groaned and opened his eyes startled. He looked at me confused.

  "Did we uh you know"i said.

   "Haha i wish"nate said. I slightly puched his arm. "But we did have a pretty good make out session"he said.

   "Yah was it good"i said bringing my fave closer to his.

   "Oh Taylor is was so good"he aid inching closer. We both had wide smiles and eventually our lips touched. It was so passionate and meaningful. I think i was in love with him.

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