imagine 16 jack johnson

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  "Tess get your big fat booty over here"Johnson yelled for me.

"No Jack i hate you"i say turning around sticking my tounge out at him. We were watching a movie for a little bit before he fell asleep and i sat on his lap then he got mad and tickled me. So now we are running around my house, him trying to chase me and me running away. I tripped on the stairs and landed on my back at the top, just laying on the floor. Him now hovering over me breathing senslessly.

    "I cought you baby"he said kissing me. This kiss like all others was passionate, meaningful, and most of all full of love. Oh and do I love his kisses.

"Mmm baby i love you sweetie but uh-h"i said trying to speak but he started kissing my neck. "Ba-bby i have to go to the store soon and i-i need"i tried but i couldnt continue.

   "Just one make out session please baby, im kinda you know"he said giving me a hint he was sexually frustrated.

  "Okay baby just one little on"i said. He wrapped my legs around his waist continuing kissing me. He lead us up to my room and sat us on the bed. I sat on his lap whilst still in a hard core make out session. I still had to take a shower so i can go buy some food. So i got up and got some clothes.

   "I need to take a shower baby, so we can get going to the store"i said standing in front of him sitting on my bed, he grabbed me by my waist and i grabbed some of his hair.

  "I love you"he told me for the first time. I melted I think i almost cried, he litterally just told me he loves me.

   "I love you too baby but i kinda gotta take a shower"

  He raises his hand in defense. "No invite" he smirks at me.

Sorry guys im so so bored and its kinda 1 o'clock in da mornin sorry loves. Anyone please comment and vote if you like these imagines and want them to keep going. Bye loves :-* <3

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