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I had to repsot this imagine, it wasnt uploading right.
Well thank yall for 1.1k readson these imagines. Im sick right now. Dont forget to follow both my account on instagram and And another note go read "scars" and "right where you are" those are my recent works, and yall would have fun reading them. Getting on with the story.

Well thank yall for 1.1k readson these imagines. Im sick right now. Dont forget to follow both my account on instagram and And another note go read "scars" and "right where you are" those are my recent works, and yall would have fun reading them. Getting on with the story.

*jack johnsons POV*

I was sitting in Math class when i heard a big bump. A beautiful girl walked in. Lucky for me the only open seat was to my left. I secretly said "yes" to myself. Today was friday which meant a party. "hey beautiful whats your name"i said to her.

"thats for me to know and you to find out"she said and smirked.

"oh baby ill wait for ever, next thing you will know you will be screaming mine"i said to her going to grab her thigh but she slappeed me away. The rest of the morning went by quick and it was time for lunch, hopefully the beautiful girl was in B lunch with me. I sat down at my normal table with Mike, Sammy, Biggs, and Gilinsky. I kept glancing at the door to see if she was coming. Then i saw something i never wanted to see. There she was walking in, her face glowing with a smile, then i saw him. I saw my best friend Nate Maloley walk in with her. They were both laughing and it made me uneasy. I called Nate to come sitt with us only so i can sit with her. There were only two seats open i wanted the misterious girl to sit by me. There was a seat next to gilinsky and a seat next to me. And i got lucky because Nate went over and sat by Gilinsky. Everyone was sitting and talking to one another. So i grabbed her thigh, i was laughing because she yelped a little under my touch.

"sorry guys i thought that there was a spider on my foot" she said trying to play it off cool. "listen Johnson imma need you too stop because the next tme anything happens like this your getting punished" she wispered in my ear. I wanted o do it one more time just to see what she would do, but i think she wanted that to happen. The rest of the day was boring. I couldnt get what she said out of my head. Finally the school day was over. I went out to the qaurtyard to see if she was out there. I went up to her.

"hey sweety pie" i said to her.

"oh hey gay dude"she said.

"shutup well anyway there is this party tonight and i dont have a date, would you misterious girl be my date to this lovely party"i said confident in my words.

"ill think about it"she said.

"how are you gonna tell me if you want to go or not"i said back.

"imma ask my cousin nate for your number"she said smirking and running off. Wait, Nate was her cousin, why didnt he tell me about her. I went home home and put on my sweats, ate food, and stared at my phone. There was an hour left til the party was offically starting. She hasnt texted me yet, so I just got up and got ready. I put on my westside black hoddie and some kahkis. I left my hair because i knew if i saw any girls they would think its hot that i have messy hair. I wore my black vans and put on some awsome cologne and went down stairs. I got a text.

random #: pick me up at this location.

It was attached to a location. I knew it was her. I kinda didnt want our first date to be at a stupid party with horny and drunk teens. So i changed our plans. I picked her up, she was stunning, she wore a tight dress that showed everyone of her curves and black slipp on shoes. "johnson im really hoping we are not going to a party for our first date"she said while looking at me. Her beautiful green eyes shown in every direction.

"good cause we were definetly not going to a party" i said.

"well then were are we going"she smiled.

"well thats for me to know and you to find out"i said while smirking. We were driving wheni pulled to a stop. I got out of the car and ran over to her side picking her up out of her seat and wraped her legs around my torrso. I set her down and i sat next to her.

"wow" was the only thing the escaped her mouth. i stared at her as she awed the place. We were at the cliffs and since it was late the stars were out and the lake below us shot reflection at the beautiful stars. "so Johnson sice this is are first date maybe we should learn a few things about each other" she said while staring right at me.

"yah totally"i said.\

"okay well first my name is quiin, which im suprised you didnt know that after i was in half of your classes and the teachers called role" she said while chuckling.

"i was to busy staring at that new girl to even remember"i said obviously hinting that towards her. we talked the rest of the night. I learned almost everything about her, and she learned almost everything about me. I drove her home and waked her up to her door step. I looked at my feet smiling. I probly looked like a litlle kid or something because she was laughing. With a sudden quickness i grabbed her face and kissed her. It was quick and i was nervous of what she would say. "sorry" i said turning on my heels and walking towards my car.

"wait" she yelled. She grabbed my face in both of her hands and brought our faces closer. Then our lips touched moving in sync with one another. We sat there for what seemed ike forever. Just me and her under the stars on a beautiful night, I think she is the one.

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