Imagine 33: Sammy Wilk

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So i guess Kaytlin already announced the whole refrence thing. So technically if you didnt read the last one we are doing it for each other. So what we both decided was that we would find pictures that we think the pther persons kids would look like with one of the boys. Its Em writing this one btw and so Kaytlin's baby daddies are Sammy and Skate but its one at a time so this is the one for skate. I get jack and jack so she is making those for me. So yeah, now it is story time.

Noah: Noah is 11 months old. He looks just like kaytlin when she was younger. He is just a baby so there is nothing huge that he does. He loves his money but loves to play with daddy.

Katherine: Is 16 years of age. She is super party girl. Sammy always says that she reminds him of his sister Emily (lol sams sister and i have the same name). She has her dads personality but can be sometimes loud. She was a cheerleader before she fell and tore her ligaments in her ankel. She couldnt cheer again after that. But other then that she can still play basketball against her dad. Sinces shes a daddies girl.

//Kaytlin's POV//

"Samm come help me get baby Noah out if the tub"i said yelling to sam. We both had the day off of work to stay home with the kids. I got splashed by Noah when he was in the tub and I needed help. Sam ran in to rescue me. He grabbed Noaha nd took him away. I got a towel and dried myself off.
I walkin seeing Noah is dressed and Sam is playing paddie cake with him. Im standing at the door way as I watch him, admiring how cute this was. My lovely daughter walkedby and was standing next to me. She layed he head on my shoulder and watched as well. This was the best sight ever.
"Hey what are you staring at"sam said finally after he noticed us. "Come on Noah lets go get them"we all started laughing. Both Katherine and I bolted down the stairs to hide in the living room.
Eventually they found us. We all went out for some dinner at chipotle then came home and snuggled. My life was worderful with my babies and amazing husband. We mave have had some bumps but our family stuck through. And we now are making another small bump.

You guys get it. Making another small bump. Well if you didnt it means she is pregnant!!!! Yay congrats kaytlin and Sammy lol jk. laughing so hard right now.

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