imagine 5 jack Johnson:

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Hey y'all go read "almost is never enough" and "filling my heart"... I will love you forever.... I thinks those two at my best yet..

                *Jessica's POV*


        "Hey babe, come here"I yelled to Johnson. We were currently at the intour . Jack be I ave known each other since the second grade. We ave been dating for 2 years now. We were about to get interviewed.

      (Iv = interviewer... JJ=jack j .... Jf= jescica farmer)

IV: so first question. Where did y'all meet and when?

JF: imma let jack awnser this.. I not think he knows

JJ: we met at school in the second grade. I was running on the play ground and I bumped into her. We both went to the nurse. After that we became really good friends.

IV: next question . When is your anniversary?

JF: ooo it on July 25th

IV: alright, First date and where.

         I looked at jack an I didn't know if he remembered.

JJ: I known this. It was at in and out. I had made plans at a fancy place then they canceled on us. And she just wanted to go to in and out. So we went and this lil hoe ate my fries

JF: I'm not no hoe

JJ:I know baby I was just kidding

IV: was there ever a time where you walked in on the other person and  what did you see

JJ: well I always walk in on this one while she is doing yoga.. I totally do it on accident *he was being sarcastic

JF: I walked on him a couple times while he was on his phone eating dorritos with his hand in his pants.

IV: any thing that bothers you with one another?

JF:  well this on always leaves the toilet seat up, always is on his phone, plays his music loud,an uses my tooth brush.

JJ: nothing bothers me she is perfect.

JF: AWWW now I feel bad.

       Eventually it ended and we went home and spend the rest of the night cuddling.

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