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Here I was Emma Louise drunk as hell on a saturday night. As a 20 year old you go around with fake ID's and get drunk. Well on this particular night I felt as if I needed to be drunk and needed to get out and just be myself. But this wasnt me, this wasnt the girl my mom raised, and this definetly is not the girl who I was when I was 10. The me I really am is christian, prepy,and so so often not really a party type. But this world changes, doesnt it all. Every day its the same thing for me, wake up, shower, eat, school, work, and party repeats everyday never gets old. But this particular night was different something was going on in my head that ive never felt before. I was walking along a narrow street down in LA. The ground was wet from the recent rain the night before. It smells like gasoline and wet dog. I was just stumbling around in the alleyway drunk when i heard someone rapping in the club to my right. I walked in and watched these two guys having a rap battle on the stage.

I sat against a wall in the club watching as these guys just blew up the stage. The blonde one was actually really really good. The other man was really bad like wow a white guy could out rap you thats bahh. The guys finished and came off stage. Blondie was shaking peoples hands and saying hi to almost everyone that he bumbed into. Until he came and locked eyes with me. Of course he could tell I was drunk because i had to prop myself up on the wall. "well you look terrible, but hi my name is Jack, Jack Johnson"he said shaking my hand.

"sup, Emma, nice rapping"i said kinda trippy from being drunk as hell. He just stood there smiling at me and looking down rarely. Dang were his eyes beautiful.

"you look a little intoxicated"he laughed and looked up at me.

"ha you think"i said obviously being sarcastic. We talked for a long time just on that wall in that club. Eventually the night had to end. He walked me to my apartment seeing how I was litterally tripping over my own feet. We got to they little stairwell that lead to my small little house. "well johnson im happy I met you at this lovley club that you cal, what was it"

"the canery"

"well yeah thats what i said" i was so drunk i didnt even notice that this guy laughed at half of the things i said. "what wh are you laughing"i said stern and serious.

"nothing your just cute"

"no dont" i was serious how could i not be " dont fall in love with me please dont, ill just ruin everything, i dont love, never have never will. Johnson just stay away and dont tell me you love me just dont i cant love. Love is impossible. No one loves"i was now really serious and about to cry.

"em please dont say that i really like you even though we like barley just met how could i not, how couldnt anybody"he said. He grabbed my face in his hands and pulled me towards him. Our mouths almost touching when they finally conected. The kiss was passionate full of love and care, i know i said i couldnt love but i might make one exception.

well guys what did you think. Emily wrote the first paragraph, She is really good. Go read 'scars' because if you like the way emily writes go read it it is so good. all her friends love it. Get it to 100 reads pease -kaytlin-

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