imagine 18 nate maloley

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I was at school waiting and hoping that what they told us was true. They told the whole jounior class that Carter, Matthew, Jack g, Kenny, Jake, Sammy, Jack J, and Nate. Oh how i love me some maloley. They told us they would be split into classes and hanging out with us all day. They said it was a good way to see what we want to do. No one at my school knows them besides me and my friend Heather. But she wasnt here today i was pissed. But that ment i haf nate all to myself. So here we were at the beginning of the day on the courtyard area. Then i saw a group of boys playing football on the other feild father away from the courtyard.

I walked over there kinda curious. It was them! I was totally going to freak out but i kept my cool. I sat on the basketball court closest to the feild they where playing on. I sat there will my flannel covering my legs like a blanket, it was cold out today. I was on my phone teting when someone was blocking the sun.

"Uh hello there lil cutie"i looked up and saw nate standing there. He helped me up and I hugged him.

"Uh- sorry im a BIG fan"i said kinda blushing.

"Uh oh"he said looking at me scared. I looked down regretting what im say. "Just kiding babe"he said and hugged me. I melted.

"Can uh i get uh a picture"i said i was scared. I dont know why.

"Yah he said grabbing my pgone and handing it to Johnson to take a pic of us hugging. I then took a picture with johnson, he kissed my cheek and i was laughing, it was so cute. I thrn took a picture with Gilinsky and i was on his back again laughing. Then sammy and we did the pray for da booty pose. Then nate wanted another one, at first I was like the heck. Then he grabbed my hands and looked down and i looked down to, i was smiling like a dork and totally almost cried. But i didnt wanna seem weird. Matt and i took a picture with his arm wrapped around me. Carter and I did one where he was hugging me around my waist and smiling super crazy. The kenny and jake. I felt so weird just taking a bunch a pictures. The bell rang and i went to class.

I found out nate and johnson were placed in my class. I looked back at Nate and smiled. He sat on the other side of the class and towards the back. I felt my phone buzz.

Nate: i kinda got your number from one of your friends
Jeanne: were you that desperate jkjkjk
Nate: maybe i was babe
Jeanne: why are you tecting me of all people
Nate: because your beautiful
Jeanne: not
Nate: at of the people in the world yas
Jeanne: okay (sarcasm)
Nate: your so cute

I started actually paying attention to social studies, this was easy. We left and i was walking down the hall. When Nate cane out of n i where and pinned me to the wall.

"Jeanne i like love you, your so fing cute"he said like it was nothing. I blushed and he grabbed my fave and kissed me slowly and passionately

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