imagine 22 nate maloley

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Well im out on my way back home after snowboarding this whole week and a half. I have a requested imagine next so be happy because its gonna be good. Other than that enjoy this. Bring tissues im in that sad mood.

I was pregnant with Nate's baby or should I say babies. I was currently due in 1 more week. I've been getting contractions like crazyy. I was hurting and Nate was out earning money doing what he does best. He was taking the next few days off so he can be home with me. We were never ever ever planning on having kids, like at all. We both weren't the parent type. Because 1.we say bad words 2.we are 19 and 3.we are a reckless couple, aint it true.

My mom was coming out today to stay with me. Nate's mom was coming out in three more days. My sister was here and helping me with like cleaning and cooking. The doctor told me I had diabetes with the two babies. Which if you all didn't know if you have diabetes when your pregnant there is a high chance of having to get a c-section or worse.

Ive been so hungry though like for real its 12 in the after noon and I ate a pop-tart, brownies, Doritos, a quesadilla, a taco, and cereal. Thats alot for me just saying.

"Mehgan im home baby" Nate yelled entering the house, he sat next to me and we talked and watched a movie. Durning the middle Nate put his head on my stomach and started talking to the babies.

"You two better behave for me and your mommy, you are going to be so cute, i mean i can tell just look at me, and i guess your mom"he laughed, i giggled, this was so cute. I had tears about to fall out of my eyes. "Your mommy is so cute, she will love you guys, i know i will, I will never ever let you two go ever. I promise"he said that and i was in tears. Not in sad tears but happy tears. Im kinda glad that i had kids with Nate. We went upstairs into our room and laid there. He grabbed a toy car from the shelve and started running it across my belly and making a "vroom"noise. This was so cute.

*5 days later*

I was sleeping having the best dream ever when i felt something on my leg, it was wet. I woke up and the bed around me was wet. I shook Nate awake. He didn't wake up.

"Nate Maloley wake yo butt up, my water broke, hurry"i yelled and he immediately woke up and started to panic. We grabbed our bags we packed and left. We got in and we immediately got a room. I got settled in. Nate called my mom and his plus anyone else in our family. The first person that got there was Sammy, wow he was quick. Sam came in and said hi, then, then Nate's mom, then the jacks, then my dad, then my sister, and my bother.

It was 10 at night and i was earlier than the doctor said, I was beginning to freak out. They rushed me into birth. My mom, my sister, and Nate's mom were in the room. I was scared, my first child or should I say children, plus they were early. They got the doctor in finally.

I pushed and pushed and pushed. "Aaaaaaaa nooooo frickk"i yelled. The pain, it was too much. I was popping out two of them. Finally it was over, I had a baby girl and boy. They looked beautiful, Nate kissed my sweaty head. Suddenly the pain came back in again. Except it was worse. I started to lose my sight. No not now please please, I just want to hold them. Nooooo. Everything went blank.

*Nate's pov*

I was so happy they were born. Little Elias and Whitney. I kissed Meghan on the cheek I was so happy for us. I looked at Meghan again, she wasn't breathing. No. This cant happen. Not now. Her eyes shut. She was gone. The love of my life was gone. I couldn't feel my body. My knees got week and i fell i balled. I balled in her hand. She was gone. All i wanted to do was hold her. She, the love of my life was gone.

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