imagine 31 Jack Gilinsky

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One more slit on my wrist and blood was everywhere. I wasnt stable mentally or physically. And I had reasons but there is no time to explain that, its to long. Milliona Desve was my name. I know wierd name, my mom was a druggy and had no names picked out for me. She didnt even know she was pregnant till the 7th month. When i came out my dad left. People either call me "million" or "liona". When I graduated high school my grandma left me with 5 million dollars, which meant i didnt have to go to college which i didnt. I got a job as the manager at wal-mart and make $40 an hour. Espically because we are in LA. My mom is still back in Florida, I left her to rot in her drugs. I was lonley and depressed.

Im still only 19 and hardly do anything since im not invited to anything. I have one friend her name is Cassandra. She is like me yet she know how to hide some of her things. Shes very out going and knows alot of people. She moved in about a month ago with me.

"liona my friends Jack and Jack are coming over"she yelled from downstairs.

I washed my scars and left the bathroom. I grabbed a Black sweater and put on some black leggings. I put my wavy hair in a pony and grabbed my glasses. I looked cute but my glasses just dont look right. My contacts were being cleaned so I couldn't wear those. I heard the front door open and close. I went downstairs to see 2 boys and 1 girl plus Cass.

"Milliona this is Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, and Hannah Johnsons girlfriend"cass said.

"hi yall, you can just call me liona"i said and shook hands.

"well hello to you too"Gilinsky said. I just blushed and turned around. I walked back upstairs to go on my laptop. I heard footsteps and expected Cass to open the door but it was Gilinsky.

"um hi"by the time he walked up here i had changed into a tanktop because it was hot.

"um there boring and i kinda wanted to get to know you too"he said smiling. I patted the spot next to me on the bed. I turned on Aladdin and we started watching. He started inching closer and soon wrapped his arms around me. His arm hit my forearm and i squealed. He grabbed my forearm and looked. I felt tears brim my eyes. See Liona this is why you cant get a guy.

"oh baby its okay"he said grabbing me and pulling me close to him. He grabbed my arm again and kissed everyone of my scars. "babe your worth living for, dont let the haters get to you. you are beautiful. and te hard times are gonna keep comming but milliona you gotta live in the now and start a happy new life"

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