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Requested from kiarra. Ilysm. Im sorry it took forever, ive been so busy plus i got grounded.

Jack and I have been dating for 5 months. We have 2 more moths til we graduate. Jack was the bad boy I thought i could change his ways. I tried so hard. I atleast got him to stop smoking and going with other girls. Or at least I thought I changed him.

I always went over to Jack's after school on Friday's. I was going to suprise him todaybecause i told him i had dance practice when really i didn't. I walked straight in his house because Jack's mom wasnt home and Jack already knew it was probably me. I walked right in his room and about vomited. Why? Why would he does this? Especially with his ex.

I regreted going there. I saw him completely making out with his ex. IT WAS HIS EX FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I didnt want to be broken. I thought i could change him, I thought he could be better, but some things just dont change. I felt sick, I wanted to roll up in a ball, and just be mad. He was the first I actually loved, he was so sweet to me. Why would he do this to me.

I got home, sat on the couch, rolled up into a bal, and just sat there and cried.

*Jack Gilinsky's POV*

It was just a normal Friday for me. Sitting around in sweats waiting for someone to tell me if there is a party. I would of course be with Kiarra at the party. She helped me when i really wanted a blunt. I was the bad boy, girls were jelous that Kiarra could actually change me and make me not have a girl every other night.

I was always the typical bad boy, but Kiarra tamed it. She said i could drink and go to parties, but I cant smoke and see other girls. I loved her, i haven't told her that though. I wanted to make it a special day when I said that.

So today i was sitting on my bed with my laptop next to me watching netflix. I heard someone enter my house, but it wasnt Kiarra. I looked and saw who it was. It was my ex Hailey. She has dated every guy in the school and I had happend to be one of them. She didn't look to good, she was drunk.

She stood in the door way of my room just smirking at me. I heard the front door open again. Then Hailey just jumped on me and started kissing me. Woah bish get off.

Someone opened the door to my room. I couldnt get Hailey off of me she was strong for a girl. I knew it was Kiarra. Oh crap, I just messed it up. But Hailey was drunk out of her life. I went to go get Kiarra back.

I took Hailey with me because i didnt trust her. I kniw dumb move Jack but I have something planned. We both walked up to Kiarra's front porch. She opened the door. I saw my baby girl crying it broke my heart. She looked at Hailey and almost slammed the door before she closed it.

"Listen Kiarra, I need to explain "i said he had tears in her eyes. I did what my instincts always did and I pulled her in a hug and kissed the top if her head. "That kiss meant nothing to me, she is drunk and strong and i couldnt get her off of ne, I would never hurt you like that"i said she didnt speak. "I mean just look at her, shes drunk as hell"i pushed Hailey a little and she fell on her face. Kiarra laughed, oh god that laugh. "See she isnt you, she isnt you because i actually love you"i said again. I said it, i told her i loved her.

She laughed at Hailey still on the floor. I pulled her and we kissed. I knew she knew i was telling the truth. I would never hurt Kiarra because. I. Love. Her.

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