imagine 38 Nate Maloley:

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I fricking love this song ahhhh!!!!!!

As I walked off the stage I saw him. I saw Nate maloley. He was so hot. Nate went to preform right after I was done and he smirke at me. "Meridith that's was so good" Nash said coming up to me. Nash was my friend and thats how I started to like nate but I've never actually met him. But we always talked on Twitter an even twitted a lot to each other.

After the show there was an after party. Nate was across on the other side of the house. I walked over just a little closer to him. Then he met me half way. I stopped an looked at his beautiful features. He just looked down at me. "Hey Meri"he said smirking. He grabbed me by my waist an pulled me a little closer.
"Hey Nate"I smirked back and placed my hand on his chest. We ended up talking for a really really long time. The party finished an since Nash and I shared a hotel room we went back. He kept bothering me asking me about Nate. Eventually he got tired and fell asleep while I stayed up an talked to Nate.

The next morning I woke up to Nash singing horribly in the shower. I laughed really hard an made a snapchat. He heard me laughing. "Heyyyyyyyyy shut up I'm beautiful"he yelled.
"Sure Nash"I said while still in a fit of laughter. After he was done I took a shower. I put on a white tight fitted turtle neck crop top, black jeans, and a red and black flannel. I put my hair in a bun, winged my eyeliner, and put on my black combat boots. I looked frantastic. (Connor franta pun). We both left to the new venue and performed again. After nate was finished he came and talked to me. Then he lead me to the changing rooms.
"You think you could ware that an not make me go crazy"he said biting his lip. So I decided to tease him.
"Yes daddy"
"Oh your getting it" he then started to kiss me. Not rough but very passionate.

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