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My friend supposedly had a package for me somewhere and I needed a ride. Living in LA was tough so i didnt have a car. I called one of my good friends Sammy so i could get a ride. He said yes and i got into his car. We drove for 20 minutes and came into an unstable neighborhood.
There was smoke everywhere, homeless people,and it wasnt the type of place you would want to live in. I told sammy to wait in the car because I was scared. I walked up the steps and rang the bell. No one came. Then soon after 2 minutes a man in a tank top and stains on his shirt came to the door. He was quite fat and probably 36years old.
He opend the screen door. "What do you want"he said quite rudely.
"I uh came to get my package my uh friend jenny said it was here"i responded.
"Well if you want it you have to give me a little something in return"he said.
"No"i said. He grabbed my arm pulling me inside. I heard a door close. A few minutes later I was in a room with just a bed that smelled like gas and weed. He came back in the room with a whip. He pushed me down on the bed i tried to kick and scream but he wouldnt let me.
"Get the hell off of her"i heard sam. Thank the lord.
"Excuse me"the man said.
"You heard me a--hole"sam gritted his teeth.
" think your so tough you lil punk"the man pushed sam a little. Sam didnt take that easy. Sam went fully off on the man tackling him down. A few minutes later a girl about my age walked in with a pan. She grabbed the pan and swung at the mans head causing him to pass out.
"Go before he wakes up, dont come back. And please help me once you get out" she said. Bruises all down her arms and face. Sammy was limp. I helped him into the back seat of his car. I drove to Sammy's apartment and brought him inside.
I grabbed most of the stuff from the medicine cabinet and helped clean him up. We were on the couch and it was quite hard.
"Sammy its hard to clean your face"i said.
"Just sit on my lap"he said smirking.
"Ugh fine". I sat on his lap and cleaned up his face. He was really bruised. He kept saying hes fine and stuff like that but i didnt belive him. To be honest everything about his face being bruised makes him look ugly. I just stared at his features.
"I probably don't look good right now"he told me.
"Why would it matter?"i responded.
"I always try to look good for you"he said. I laughed a little. Just as I was about to get up Sam gripped my waist pulling me down on him. He grabbed my face and i started to lean in. Our lips met and it was just crazy.
"Wow"was all he said.

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