Nate imagine 52:

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    He started smoking more because of me. He was used to smoking at least 1 blunt a day when he was with me but when we separated, he became more distant. Always at clubs, smoking, and drinking. I had left him because of my career, everyone thought I was trying to take away from his fame. I had my own music stuff and they kept saying that and it was really hard. Most people treated me as 'Nate's side chick'. I hated that. 

    So I left and ended up- at a new studio doing new music. I was normally drunk when arriving at work. Although I was only 20 years old but hey no one could stop me right. My manager from time to time got upset at the reputation I was building. He insisted on me finding someone super famous that I have something in common with, and I would look good with. My manager didn't care about real true love, but I secretly did. I had very few friends. Most were Nate's friends and new upcoming artists. Some guys that I hang out with are John Swift, G-eazy, and Justin bieber. They were all my really close friends. Gerald and I were quite close, Justin and I just partied together a lot, and swift was nate's friend.

   My manager called a meeting at 11am. I was very hungover and felt like sh--. My uber drove me to the studio. I stumbled into my managers office. I had my ray bans on and my hair up in a high pony. There was 2 other people there. 

"G!"i said laughing. His manager stood by him looking sternly. G also had glasses on and he smiled at me and waved.

(btw when i mean G its G-eazy also known as Gerald and the girl's name is Lycia) 

  "we both called a meeting for both of you"my manager started. Gerald and I looked at each other wierd. "We also agreed both of you have a bad rep and need more publicity, and Lycia don't deny your not bad because you both came to work hungover"my manager continued.

"so we want you two to date for publicity and more money"G's manager said.

"hahahaha funny joke guys"G said.

"yeah how bout not"i laughed.

"no i'm serious, you guys are now officially dating, so go get in that uber together to go on a lunch date"my manager said. We both walked to the door. "make sure to hold hands"my manager yelled after us. Gerald grabbed my hand and pulled me with him. I kinda smiled because like um, well, I was in love with Gerald, secretly. No one knew, him and I were sneaking around when I was 18. Then he wanted to be friends. Then I met Nate. He always tells me he still has feelings for me, but knew it would ruin our friendship. Although I didn't know if he likes me like i like him. He always slept with different girls every night and he never told me. He was more of my f---buddy. We had no strings attached. 

"we can play this off babe"he said pulling down his ray bans to wink at me. We walked out the front door with press surrounding the door. Security lead us to the uber and we both got in. "so hows my lil super model"he asked. I let go of his hand missing the warmth. 

"I'm good Gerald and how are you"i asked trying to start conversation. 

"im great lil mama" he said. That brought me back to what Nate called me. He always called me his lil mama. I laughed. G and I caught up on everything. He was still his party self, but he said sometimes he just wants things chill. He sometimes thinks it's all too much and sometimes he doesn't wanna talk to random hoes he will never meet again. I payed attention, he had actually woken up in his life and realized what it was really like. We soon pulled up to chipotle, he was the one that picked it out, and he knew I loved this place. The press had followed us, and was snapping pictures. We both thought 'we might as well give them something to look at'. We stood in line, the glass door were the press was getting pics. I wrapped my arms around his waist and his hands settled on my butt. I laughed, I knew how much he loved my butt. He smiled and bit his lip. I stood on his toes and he walked us to the counter. We both ordered and we sat at the bar. Although they didn't know we saw them, some photographers were behind us at a booth. He took his glasses down and winked. Knowing what that meant.

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