❤Part 40❤

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        Annika was looking outside the window with a constant blush on her cheeks. They were driving back home. Shivaay was giving her teasing glances to which she was trying to glare him but her tinted cheeks were telling some other story.

      He had kissed her four times in last few minutes. Even when they sat inside the car to go back, he had surprised her by placing his lips on hers kissing her passionately. She was wondering what had gotten into him. This man suddenly changed into a cheapda or he already was but was just waiting for her permission to show his true colors. If he was behaving this desperate outside, she didn't know what would happen inside the room. The mere thought made her blush more.

       'Jaana! I'm losing my control.' His voice broke her reverie.

     She looked at him quizzically.

      'Your red cheeks are making you look edible.' He whispered in a husky voice making her a full tomato.

      'Stop teasing me, Shiv.' She pouted.

     'Stop.....stop pouting.' He warned gazing at her lips.

      'You cheapda insaan.' She exclaimed noticing his gaze. He chuckled. 

       'I won't talk to you....' she said sulking. He chuckled more. She frowned looking at other side. He burst out laughing seeing her drama.

        She made a cry baby face. He continued laughing.

     'Shivaaayyyyyy.' She whined hitting his chest continously.

      'Okay! Okay!....sorry....I'm sorry....' He spoke controlling his laughter.

       'Apology not accepted.' She spoke twitching her lips.

     'Why?' He raised his eyebrows.

      She shrugged her shoulders showing tadi.

      He tried talking to her but she paid no heed. He sighed seeing her terrible mood swings. He wondered what would she do during pregnancy. The thought made him smile. How adorable would she look with their baby in her womb? 

       She was confused seeing him smiling. Here she was angry, no....pretending to be angry and instead of manofying her, he was lost somewhere.

      She poked his shoulder with her index finger. He looked at her.

      'Where are you lost?'

     'You want to know?' He asked, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

      She nodded moving her face up and down looking like a cute baby.

      He first thought of telling her about his thoughts but decided not to since a mischievous idea hit his mind.

      'I was thinking about our first night.......' He said with a dreamy voice. Her expressions changed to blush again. 

      'How sexy my name would sound when you will moan while i make love to you??????......' He continued teasing her. His husky voice made her shudder. 

      He stopped the car opening his seat belt and leaned towards her.

     She was perplexed. He tucked her hair strands behind her ear kissing her cheek sensuously. She gulped closing her eyes. Her breathing turned heavy as she clutched onto his arm. He rub his thumb over her lower lip.

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