❤Part 30❤

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Next morning,

        Shivaay stirred in his sleep feeling the sunrays peeping through the window. He felt terrible pain in his head which made him groan. He felt a certain weight over him and looked down to see her sleeping over him clutching him tightly. Dry tear marks on her cheeks caught his attention as he recalled the happenings of the previous night. He smiled lightly as he remembered her hugging him tightly. He finally felt himself at peace today. Last night, he said it all to her. He expressed his heart out in front of her. Now, he was just waiting for their new life to start. He knew she hadn't forgiven him yet but he was now sure that he would earn her forgiveness soon and for that he just had to win her heart and trust again.

       He looked at the bright sun shining through the curtains making him smile. It brought a new hope to his life and heart. Although he was having really bad headache but still he felt fresh. A sudden and firm determination surfaced his being. He vowed to make everything fine as he held her more closer to himself kissing her forehead.

      'Ummmmm.' She scrunched her nose shutting her eyes tight and hid her face in his chest to avoid the sharp sunlight. He smiled looking at her making pouts in her sleep and pulled her closer if that was even possible. She hid her face in the crook of his neck and again slept peacefully as he caressed her hair.

       He was smiling looking at her when his eyes fell over the ceiling. His eyes widened seeing his tie over the fan. He looked around the whole room to see the mess he created. That's when he recalled what he did after being drunk. He remembered how he threw everything without noticing where it was going. He gulped in fear. He knew that he had to face the junglee billi now. He very well knew she certainly loathed all these things and he being a devdas literally drank five vodka bottles. Now he had no escape but he can try atleast.

       He was about to shift her to the bed from him when her eyelashes flickered. He immediately closed his eyes pretending to be asleep. She opened her eyes slowly to find herself caged in his arms. She smiled gazing at his sleeping face. Placing her chin over his chest, she caressed his face as a tear slid down her cheek recalling his pleadings from last night. His heart pounded against the rib cage feeling her soft and slender fingers over his face. She felt his rapid heartbeats. His face had a frown. She thought he was having a bad dream. She rubbed her hand over his heart region softly trying to calm him down. Raising herself slightly, she kissed his forehead making him feel absolute bliss. His frown disappeared instantly.

      Once she felt him relaxed, she came out of his hold and went to get ready for the day. He opened his eyes as he felt the washroom door closed. He traced his fingers over his forehead where she had kissed a moment ago. A serene smile made its way to his lips which soon turned into a grin. She was melting and he couldn't be any happier.

      He composed himself and got up from the bed. The pain in his head still there. He closed his eyes feeling dizzy but he had to get his work done before she came out. He took his scattered belongings and stuffed them into the wardrobe. He then looked at the empty bottles thinking about where to hide those when suddenly an idea clicked his mind. He picked two bottles in one hand as other was injured and placed those below the bed and did the same with the other two avoiding the glass pieces on the floor. He cleaned the other mess he created and as soon as he heard the door opening, he immediately jumped on the bed pulling the duvet over himself covering his face with it.

      Annika came out and glanced at him suspiciously as he never slept covering his face. But soon shrugged her thoughts away and went towards the dressing table. She started combing her hair looking into the mirror.

      He peeped through the duvet slowly to see her back facing him. She glanced at him through the mirror while he was quick enough to pull the duvet again over his face squeezing his eyes shut.

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