❤Part 14❤

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Both sat at their reserved place in front of each other. Their eyes fixed on each other. Their heartbeats erratic. Annika gave him a small smile which he reciprocated. For a moment he forgot his purpose of coming there. She was looking so enchanting in the mustard coloured anarkali suit embroidered with maroon thread. Her hair strands flying in air making her look more enticing.

Their moment broke when a waiter came there to take the order. Placing an order for two coffee cups both again sat in silence. It was getting awkward. They couldn't understand what to talk.

After sometime he cleared his throat in an attempt to start talking but when she looked at him he felt as if his voice was lost. He couldn't even say a word. He started coughing. She immediately got up from her seat and pouring some water in a glass she kept it near his lips rubbing his back continously. He drank the water looking at her. She was busy caressing his back. She looked concerned. Even his little cough made her worry so much and there this man was planning a revenge. But his stubborn mind.

He took a deep breath. She sat on her seat back.

'You okay?' She asked with a voice full of worry. He nodded.

The waiter served them coffee. Both started sipping it.

'Ummm....annika....woh...i....i' He stammered not knowing what to say.

'What happened shivaay? Is there any problem?'

'No! No!'


He held her hand which was on the table.

'Annika! I thought a lot about us. I mean i realised what i am doing to you is wrong.' He said calmly.

'What are you saying shivaay?' She asked even after knowing what he was talking about. She was desperate to listen to a few particular words from his mouth.

Getting up from his chair, he knelt down in front of her holding both of her hands making her shock.

'I won't beat around the bush annika but i just want to give a chance to you, to us. I just.....just can't live without you anymore.' He said releasing a breath he was holding since long. Her eyes shed tears. She couldn't believe it was happening. She couldn't believe her shivaay whom she had broken so badly was asking out. But his next words shocked her more.

       'WILL YOU......WILL YOU MARRY ME ANNIKA?' He asked in his husky voice making her heart do somersault. Her mind stopped working. Was it all for real or was she dreaming? Her shivaay wanted to marry her. Her tears flew like a waterfall. Not being able to say anything, she too knelt down before him hugging him with all her might. He hugged her back. She kept crying. He caressed her back.

          'Yes! I'll.....i'll marry you shiv.' She replied still crying. This was the moment she was waiting for since eternity. This was the time she was longing for. She finally found her peace, her solace in his arms. Only she knew how many uncountable prayers she sent to God everyday to give him back to her.  Only she knew what she felt when she saw the hatred in his eyes for her. She could even die for this. She kept tightening her hold on him still crying.

       He caressed her hair with a smile which soon turned into a smirk. He was waiting for this moment only. He just wished everything go in accord of  his plan. Now he just wanted to marry her as soon as possible in order to start his revenge.

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