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Her eyes held emotions seeing him after damn seven years but his ones were hollow, completely deprived of any feeling. Her lips stretched up seeing the same captivating blue eyes but his ones showed a smirk which can even scare the devil. Tears escaped her eyes but he maintained a stern face. The eyes which once used to hold so much love for her were totally blank. The lips which used to stretch up with a mere glimpse of hers were now smirking. His heart which was once filled with immense love for her was now had sheer hatred for her. The person who promised to protect her always was now all ready to take revenge from her and to make her shed tears of blood. It was all because of her one mistake. Her single mistake changed a kind and lovable person into a stone and cold hearted one. Though she wasn't completely wrong. She too was helpless but he warned her beforehand only. She didn't listen to him before but then broke his heart later......

Now he was standing in front of her but he wasn't hers. He was a changed man completely changed. Will she ever be able to mend their relation? Will she ever be able to bring him back to her? Will she ever be able to make him forget those bitter memories?....................


So here comes the new story peeps. Do tell me how's it? 😀😀

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