❤Part 25❤

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       Shivaay entered their room to see her lying on the bed on her stomach. He went closer and realised that she was sleeping. He observed the dry tear marks on her face and his eyes started shedding tears involuntarily. He was unable to do anything. He wanted to mend the things between them but today, he realised that it wasn't going to be easy. He knew she was broken. He also knew that he was the one who shattered her into pieces. He was regretting terribly. His heart wasn't getting even an ounce of peace. His guilt was killing him. He couldn't even sleep properly since two weeks. Whenever he tried to close his eyes, either Annika's crying face or his so called good deeds came in front of his eyes not letting him sleep.

      He went towards the bed and made her lay on the bed properly and covering her with the duvet, he sat on the floor near her feet. He kept looking at her who was sleeping with a frown on her face. All the happenings of today played on loop in his mind. He again started crying. He recalled how she declared him her namesake husband. He recalled her angry yet vulnerable face. He recalled the shame he saw in his mother's eyes for him. He recalled the accusing glances his friends gave him. All this made his heart bleed. He cried in agony. He had so many people in his life yet he was all alone and all because of his single mistake. He felt so helpless at the moment as immense pain resurfaced his whole being. He held her feet and cried harder.

      'I'm....I'm so...so..sorry...ja...jaana....please...please forgive me......i...i...will....die....pl...please.' He cried his heart out kissing her feet. She was in deep sleep. Crying all night, he slept there only still clutching her feet in his hands.

      Next morning, Annika woke up because of the sunrays peeping through the curtains. She tried to get up but realised that she was unable to move her feet. She looked down to see her feet in his clutch. He was sleeping keeping her head on the bed. She looked at him keenly. One look at his tear stricken face and she knew that he was crying. Her heart pained with the mere thought of his tears but she controlled herself. Getting her feet out of his hold, she left towards the washroom. If this would have been the case two weeks ago then Annika would have made him lay down properly covering him with the duvet and would have caressed his head kissing his forehead. But now, she wasn't even willing to look at him. She couldn't tolerate anymore. She had had enough till now. She had bored enough pain, now it was time to forget everything and live her life on her own conditions. Since seven years, she had been mourning over the fact that she broke their relation so brutally but never had she ever thought that Shivaay, who claimed to love her selflessly, would break her like this. Now it was the limit and she can't live her whole life trying to seek a second chance from him.

     Although she said that he was no one to her but still a little part of her heart yearned for him. She still wanted him to win her heart and trust again but she always shrugged her thoughts away thinking that it wasn't possible. She could never forgive him no matter what.

      She came out of the washroom getting ready to go for the hospital to see him sitting on the bed holding his head closing his eyes tightly. She went towards the dressing table and started combing her hair. He looked at her. She was doing her work with a stern face. She looked at the nuptial chain and the vermillion box on the table. She took them in her hands. He looked at her expectantly that she would ask him to make her wear those but his heart ached seeing her placing those in the box kept in his side of wardrobe. He realised that she didn't need them anymore. Well, as they say, karma is a bitch. There was a time when she badly wanted him to make her wear those symbols of their marriage but now, it was totally opposite. He was yearning to claim her as his wife but.....

       She left from there taking her mobile phone ignoring him completely. He sighed and went to get ready.

       Annika reached downstairs to see Pinki, Omru, Annay, Arnav and Ishani having their breakfast. She greeted them. They looked at her being confused as she was behaving all normal. She served herself and started eating.

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