❤Part 15❤

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     Annika entered Oberoi Mansion smiling widely. It's been three days since they decided to get married. Their engagement was fixed after two days and both were excited for their own reasons. Annika, was finally relieved that everything was sorted out now unaware about the upcoming storm which was going to turn her life upside down. Shivaay, on the other hand, was happy that his plan was working. Although his heart kept nagging him time to time but his stubborn mind dominated every time.

      Pinky welcomed annika inside happily. Annika took her blessings.

     'Good morning, aunty.' Annika chirped happily only to receive a smack on her head from pinky. She looked confused at pinky's frowning face.

      'Start calling me maa, Annika. I'm not your aunty anymore.' Pinky said smiling. Annika smiled and hugged her feeling emotional. Pinky caressed her hair.

     'Thank you, maa.' Spoke annika happily tightening the hug.

     'Dhat pagli! Maa ko koi thank you kehta hai bhla.'('Mad girl! Who says thank you to a mother?') Pinki said dramatically making annika chuckle.

      Shivaay came there after getting ready. He adored the duo but his idiot mind again disturbed his heart and he again recalled his intentions.

      'Good morning, beautiful ladies.' He said calmly. Annika and pinky broke the hug replying to his greeting.

      Annika gave him a full blown smile which he reciprocated, fake-ly though.

      He asked them to sit as he had a surprise for annika and went outside. Annika was so excited for her surprise. She sat on the sofa placed in the hall waiting patiently.

      After some time, he came back with few people who brought happy tears to annika's eyes. She immediately got up from her seat. It was omru, arnav and annay. Ishani was there too. Like shivaay, they too were inevitable part of her life. They were her brothers who she never had before. Ishani was her soul sister.

      Everyone hugged her except ishani.

     'We missed you bhabhi.' They chorused in unison. Annika chuckled.

     'I missed you too guys. I missed you so freaking much.' She spoke making them happy.

     Annika looked at ishani who was standing with an expressionless face. Annika went towards her with baby steps. After shivaay, if she had hurt anyone with her behaviour then it was ishani. Ishani started going from there feeling annika coming near her.

       'Ishu!' Annika whispered to which ishani shouted 'Don't you dare!......don't you dare call me ishu, Miss annika trivedi. Your ishu died the day her annie left her without even having a word.'

        Annika cried looking down. Ishani too was crying. After all, she too loved annika a lot.

      'I'm not angry on you for what you did to shivaay because that's between you two but i can't forgive you for what you did to me.' Ishani vented her heart out making annika cry more.

        Annika folded her hands in front of her. 'I'm so.....sorry.'

       Ishani looked at shivaay who almost pleaded her with his eyes to forgive annika since he can't see her crying. And still this idiot says he doesn't love her.

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