❤Part 22❤

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     Shivaay was standing in the balcony looking at Annika who was sitting near the seashore lost in her thoughts. Annika came back to the hotel taking a cab while he came back in the car only.

     He didn't know what to do. He had done what he aspired to. He had completed his so called revenge but now what. What was he going to do now? He didn't even spare a thought to it before doing all this. He should be happy after breaking her but he was not. His heart should be at peace by now but it was completely messed up. He thought to apologise to her but would she forgive him? Would she be able to forgive him for the sin he committed? He sat on the nearby chair still looking at her.

      After some time, she came back in the room and directly went to the washroom. When she came out, he was standing in front of her. He observed her keenly. She looked straight into his eyes. Her face was blank. Not even a single expression was there. But he could see the immense pain she was holding in her eyes. Her eyes held unshed tears but she didn't cry. He very well knew he was the reason of that pain.

       He was about to say something but she left from there towards the bed and laying down, she closed her eyes to sleep. He sighed closing his eyes. Why the hell didn't he think about the aftermath of his bloody revenge game?

     Next morning, he woke up to see her talking over the phone. She was ready as if to go somewhere. Cutting the call, she took her suitcase and started packing her clothes. Her face still stoic. He looked at her being perplexed.

     'What are you doing?' He asked her getting up from the bed. She didn't reply, instead, she behaved as if he wasn't there.

      He asked again but she was adamant. Packing her clothes, she took her mobile and left from there. He was shocked seeing her behaviour.

       He left behind her to see where she was heading to.

     'Airport.' She said to the cab driver who nodded driving towards her destination.

      Shivaay, who heard it was stunned to see that she just left without saying anything. He had expected her to shout on him, to fight with him, to cry hitting his chest like she always does. But man, she would do all this if she had any relation with you. What was the meaning of all this when you don't have anything to do with her?

      He ran back to the room and called Khanna to get his private jet ready. He didn't know why he was feeling that something bad was going to happen. His heart had that uneasy feeling. He ran his hand through his hair exhaling heavily.

      'Be safe, please.' He whispered keeping his hand on his rapidly beating heart.......

       Annika sat in the plane leaning her head to the window looking at the white clouds. She couldn't help comparing her life to those clouds. Her life, without any colours. The one, who she had thought, would fill her life with colours of love and happiness, made it white, full of pain, anger and sorrows. Her eyes closed automatically and she fell into a not so peaceful slumber.

      The plane landed. Annika came out of the airport saw her driver waiting for her. Giving her belongings to him to take those to their home, she took a cab directly to her hospital. It was almost 6 in the evening.

      Her colleagues were amused to see her there as she was on a leave for two months but it'd just been one and half month. She just ignored everyone and joined her duty. She took the charge of her patients from the other doctor and checked them one by one. Three hours passed but she was still there working continously......

        Shivaay entered Oberoi Mansion to see Pinki sitting in the hall. He went to her and took her blessings. She was confused seeing him back so soon but hugged him happily shrugging her thoughts away. She asked about Annika to which he looked shocked realising that she didn't come.

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