❤Part 20❤

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So as few of you are saying that shivaay should continue his revenge while others are demanding the opposite, i decided to complete the revenge part in these two or three parts and then our khidkitod annika will be here...this way you all will be happy.....what say? 😁😁

Annika woke up to see herself in his embrace. She looked at him who was sleeping peacefully. She had such a peaceful sleep after so long. She snuggled more into him as she knew he would separate himself from her as soon as he woke up. He tightened his hold on her in sleep. She was just gazing at him without blinking her eyes. He looked ravishing-ly handsome with his messy hair. She felt like caressing them and her hand involuntarily went towards his head. She caressed his hair while a serene smile made its way to his lips. She smiled noticing it.

He woke up after few minutes to see her looking at him with a small smile.

'Are you fine?' He asked being in a trance of her beautiful face. She hummed kissing on his chest right where his heart resides.

A knock on the door disturbed them and he got up from the bed making her again feel that emptiness. It was the hotel manager who had some work with Shivaay. Annika got up and went to freshen up.

He was about to enter the washroom after annika came out but stopped listening to her.

'Can we go for outing today.....please?' She made a puppy face as she knew he couldn't deny that face of hers. He just nodded and left. She squealed in happiness.

Both spend whole day roaming around in London. Although shivaay threw a lot of attitude and tantrums or in annika's language nakhre noor jahan ke whenever Annika demanded something but at last he had to comply to her demands seeing her puppy face. Annika enjoyed a lot. She thought they were getting back on the track when he didn't deny anything. She was happy to spend some quality time with him. Her heart had a hope that she would soon win him back. Again, only if she knew.

At night, they were fully exhausted and wanted to head back to the hotel to hit the bed as soon as possible. But before going, both decided to have dinner in a restaurant.

Both sat at their place and ordered for the dinner. Annika decided to have some beetroot juice but by mistake, the waiter served her red wine which looked exactly like juice. She sipped it but got confused feeling the taste. Shrugging her thoughts away, she drank the whole glass in a go and shook her head frantically as the bitter content ran through her food pipe. All this while, Shivaay was just looking at her. He was perplexed seeing her making weird expressions. Annika again asked for the same drink and had three glasses more one by one. Her eyes started drooping. Her voice started faltering. She was talking like a kid. Shivaay took her glass and smelled it. His eyes widened realising that it was alcohol. He looked at her who was laughing like a mad person.

'Wai...waiter, one mo..more.' She demanded with stuttering voice while shivaay glared the waiter who was about to serve the alcohol to Annika.

'Annika, let's go.' He said calmly getting up.

'No...no...shiv...i want....more.' She shook her head like a kid. He sighed and tried again to convince her but she was adamant.

Having had enough, Shivaay picked her up on his one shoulder making her scream while others looked at them in sheer shock. She moved her arms and legs like a maniac shouting and hitting his back. He went towards their car and made her sit inside.

He started driving when she started crying loudly, fake-ly though.

'What happened?' He asked.

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