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Six years later

      Annika came out of the hospital with the widest smile on her face. Sitting in her car, she drove off to his office. Her smile didn't leave her face even for a second. She wanted to reach him as soon as possible. He would be so happy with the news.

      Reaching the office, she took the elevator to his floor. Everyone stood up seeing her and wished her. She smiled warmly at them asking for Shivaay. The receptionist informed her that he was in the meeting hall and it would take him two hours to get done with the meeting.

     Her face fell down. She can't wait for two hours. She didn't have this much patience. She instantly left towards the conference hall. The receptionist tried to stop her but she gave her deaf ears.

     She entered the room without knocking. Silence fell as everyone in the meeting looked at her worriedly.

      'I want to tell you something. It's important...' she said looking at shivaay ignoring everyone. He immediately got up from his seat.

     'Excuse me, gentlemen...' He said going from there with her towards his cabin.

     His staff wasn't surprised seeing this. They all knew the extent of love their boss had for his wife. He would leave his deals worth billion crores but one call from his wife, he would be there not caring about anything else.

      'What happened, jaana?' He asked sweetly.

     She smiled taking his hand in hers and placed it on her stomach. He was confused at first but soon realised what she was trying to say.

      He looked into her eyes for the confirmation. She nodded. He smiled widely hugging her. She hugged him back.

     This moment was precious. They couldn't be any happier. Facing the miscarriage three years back when she conceived their first child, this was extra special for them. They had been waiting for this moment. Only he knew how he brought Annika out of that mental trauma she suffered after losing their baby during the eighth month of her pregnancy. It literally took him a year to make her the old happy go lucky Annika. He too was broken but he had to stay strong for her.

      'We....we are pregnant, Shivaay.....' she sobbed against his chest. He nodded frantically kissing her forehead and hair.

       He felt like dancing. The mere news made him delightful. He wondered what would he do when he would hold his babygirl in his arms. He had this strong belief that it would be a girl.

     Even during last pregnancy, he used to fight with Annika when she used to say that it would be a boy. And it was indeed a babygirl whose deadbody he held in his arms. He still remember very clearly how his heart thumped inside the ribcage when that tiny cute bundle of joy was handled to him by the doctors. She was exact replica of her mother just like he wanted. How much he wished for her to say Papa once before going? How much he yearned for her to atleast show a little movement? How brutally he cried holding his piece of heart close to him? The loud wails of a failed father had echoed the whole hospital.

      They broke the hug. He cupped her face wiping her tears.

     'Iss baar kuch galat nhi hoga na, Shiv?' (There won't be anything wrong right, Shiv?') It wasn't a wife but a mother who had lost her baby even before her coming in this world. He could clearly feel the fear in her voice. He himself was scared but this time, he won't let anything happen to them. Last time, he wasn't there with her but now he won't leave her side for a minute. Ohh! How much he cursed himself for going on a business trip when she was in such a crucial stage?

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