❤Part 37❤

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       Annika woke up the next morning to see herself lying on his lap hugging his torso. He was sleeping in an uncomfortable position. They were still on the floor. She sat gazing at him. Her hand reached his face involuntarily caressing it. His face had tension lines. She knew he was equally stressed for her. She knew what she meant to him. He would die himself but would never let a scratch come to her. He did hurt her by his so called revenge but she very well knew that he was more hurt than her. It gave him more pain than her. He had suffered enough. He had done everything possible to earn her forgiveness. Now when she was ready to go ahead with him, all this chaos had to appear in their life.

      Tears brimmed up in her eyes again. She couldn't believe what was happening with her. Her career, her dignity, her dream, her everything was at stake and she couldn't even do anything. She felt everything slipping away. The day would decide her whole future.

      She was lost in her thoughts when he woke up rubbing his eyes. His back ached for he slept in the sitting position. He whimpered in pain trying to stand up. Annika held his arm supporting him.

      'You okay?' She asked softly with a concerned voice.

     He looked at her. He knew she had been crying seeing those fluttering eyelashes wet. He sighed feeling helpless. Nodding his head, he sat on the bed holding his back.

    She immediately took the pain relief ointment from the first aid kit and sat behind him. She shifted his shirt upward while he stopped her.

      'Annika, i'll do it.' He spoke forwarding his hand for the ointment.

      'Just turn around and let me do it.' She ordered looking at him.


     'Shivaay!' Her stern voice made him comply.

      She applied the ointment carefully. He closed his eyes feeling her cold slender fingers rub his back. His hands fisted as he tried to control the urge to embrace her in his arms.

        Once done, she left for the washroom to get ready without saying anything. He understood her inner turmoil. But for now, he needed to get into some action. He had to do something before it was too late. He looked at the clock. It was eight in the morning. He still had three hours before the hearing started.

      He took his phone and called Khanna.

      'Khanna, send me the CCTV footage of Shivjaana. Quick.' He ordered over the phone in his ever so stern tone which certainly made people shiver. His ever so loving Khanna immediately got to work listening to his boss's order else he knew he would be slaughtered. It was better to get the work done as soon as possible when his boss was in his SSO mode.
       Soon enough, Shivaay's phone beeped. He checked the video which Khanna sent in exactly five minutes. He played the video on loop but still couldn't find any clue. He watched with extreme care but didn't get anything. He knew something was missing but what he didn't know. He ran his hand through his hair exasperated. Time was running fast and he was still clueless....


     Everyone left for the court while Shivaay went somewhere else saying that he had some important work. Annika was already stressed and his absence certainly augmented her anxiety.

      She leaned onto the car window lost in her thoughts as she went down the memory lane........


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