❤Part 11❤

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Annika was going back to her home but her car stopped abruptly. She checked the engine but didn't find any problem in it. She tried to start it again but it didn't start. Sighing she took her belongings and thought to wait for a cab not knowing the fact that there was a strike of cab drivers. An hour passed but no one came. She was tired. Already she had a busy schedule at hospital and now this. All she could think about was just hitting the bed straight after going back home but for that she needed to reach first. She thought to look for an auto but stopped as soon as she spotted shivaay's car coming her way. A wide smile broke onto her lips but it faded immediately as he just passed by without even sparing a glance at her. At least she thought so. She pouted. It was such a great chance to meet him again but she missed it.

She was busy full in her pouting mode when she heard a car horn. She looked at front only to see him waiting for her in his car looking straight at the road. She got excited. She was about to step ahead but soon smirked when something evil came to her mind. She made a poker face and stood there without moving pretending to look for some cab aur taxi. He didn't move either. He very well knew how stubborn she was but he wasn't less either. He knew she would come but was just doing drama. Drama queen. He thought and sighed. Twenty minutes passed but both didn't budge at all. He closed his eyes tightly to control his anger. He was already frustrated fighting the battle of his mind and heart about her and she was irritating him more. He again blew the horn making her look at him. She observed his expressions and immediately sat in the car realising that he was seriously angry now. He started driving. She kept stealing glances with him.

      No one spoke anything. She was thinking to start a conversation but didn't know how to.

      She cleared her throat deliberately to gain his attention.

      'Ummm! I didn't know that India's richest businessman is so much free that he waited for just an employee to sit in his car.' She teased.

      'Huh?' He looked perplexed but soon realised what she wanted to say.

      'Excuse me! I would have done the same if there......'

    'was someone else right?' She completed his sentence.

      'I know! I know. Shivaay Singh oberoi has taken the responsibility of dropping everyone to their home.' She commented sarcastically. He didn't respond.

      Silence prevailed again but how can there be silence for so much time when our khidkitod annika is there that too with her billu ji. She again spoke.

        'So how's life going?' She asked softly.

       'Tumhare bina kaisi hogi?'('How will it be without you?') He so wanted to scream this but couldn't.

      'I guess you shouldn't ask personal questions to your boss Ms. Trivedi.' His voice stern. She glared him.

       'Come on shivaay! Neither we are in the hospital nor in your office. Can't you forget everything and talk to me normally.' She chided him.

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