❤Part 7❤

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Annika's sleep broke due to her alarm. She looked around to her surroundings completely messed up. She realised she slept on the floor only recalling their love story holding onto his picture. She sighed sadly. His words rang in her ears. Her eyes glistened again but she didn't let those tears fall. She already knew it was gonna be hard. She got to be strong. She knew she had to put a lot of efforts to manofy him but didn't know why she always felt weak on meeting him. If he was her strength, he was her weakness as well. But not now. She won't give up easily now. She would do everything and anything to get back her shivaay. Even if it meant to hear his hurtful words, she would hear. Thinking the ways to be close to him, she cleaned her room and left to her work after getting ready....


Shivaay was sitting in his cabin closing his eyes. He was contemplating about his talk with pinky about annika. He didn't know what to do. Pinky made him understand that there must be some reason behind annika's behaviour years ago but he wasn't able to forgive her. His heart wasn't allowing him to forgive her. He already warned her beforehand but at that time she didn't listen to him. His head was bursting with pain. His brain was completely botched just like his life.

His thoughts went to the beautiful time when he started loving her.......


'What the f**k? Are you guys mad?' He shouted at his friends being shocked at their suggestion.

'But shivaay! We don't have any other option man.' Said omkara tired of trying to make him understand to confess his feelings to annika.

'I ain't gonna do that. No! Just no....not at all.' He denied.

'Fine! You won't do anything right. Now we will do everything on your behalf.' It was rudra who spoke with finality in his voice making shivaay horrified. Rudra can be too serious sometimes.

'No rudra! I'm warning you. You won't write any stupid letter to her.'

They suggested him to write a romantic letter to annika to which he denied instantly. But they were too stubborn to listen to him. Rudra took a beautiful paper with a pen and started writing. Shivaay looked terrified. He very well knew about their romance language.

They started writing but didn't let him see anything. He kept yelling at them but they didn't pay any heed to him. He tried to peek from behind to see what they were writing but they hid it immediately. He cursed them, abused them but it was as if they were deaf.

After completing the letter, rudra turned to shivaay who was glaring him with his blue eyes. Rudra chuckled looking at his helpless expressions.

'Shivaay! If you want to add something then you can do it. Don't accuse us later that we didn't let you write anything in your love letter.' Rudra said dramatically making him sigh in frustration. He turned to go but stopped thinking something.

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