❤Part 28❤

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  Annika reached the terrace and sat leaning on to the wall crying her heart out. She tried to muffle her sobs with her hand. She was in dilemma. She couldn't comprehend what to do. On one side, she was unable to see him in pain while on the other side, she wasn't willing to forgive him. She was stuck in between that too very badly.

       She felt devastated. She felt failed. She felt as if she lost the battle of life, of their love. She didn't have the capability to bear any more pain. His pain was just an incentive to her one. She couldn't stand his pleading eyes. Her heart urged her to forgive him while her mind reminded her of his deeds everytime she thought of giving him a chance. But till when? Till when was she going to do this? She can't ignore him for lifetime. That was absolutely impossible. She needed to reach a conclusion very soon lest she wanted their whole life to be messed up like this for forever.

      She wiped her tears and looked up at the sky. Cold wind blew across her face making her feel chilling sensation. She looked at the twinkling stars. A faint smile spread across her lips as a beautiful memory resurfaced her mind......


Eight years ago,

     Shivaay was waiting for annika at the backside of the field. It was 9 in the night. Annika's mother had gone to see her distant cousin who was sick. Moreover, they couldn't meet for few days given to the fact that annika had board exams and shivaay didn't let her meet him since he very well knew once they met then Annika won't go before spending two or three hours with him. He didn't want her to waste her time.

       He was busy in his thoughts when he felt someone back hugging him. He smiled feeling her touch. She kept her cheek on his back with a wide smile on her face. He tried turning towards her but she didn't let him. He sighed.

      'Jaana, let me see you na. It's been so many days.' He spoke in a pleading voice. She tightened her hold on him.

     'Please' He pleaded again.

     'Naaaa! Let me hold you like this.' She shook her head smiling.

     'Baby, please na. I'm dying to see your face.' He again tried to break the hug but she was adamant. He used a little strength and parted himself from her forcefully. He turned only to see her looking at him with a pout on her face. He smiled looking at her cute antics. Cupping her face, he kissed her forehead with utmost love and care. She smiled and hugged him again hiding her face in the crook of his neck.

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