❤Part 17❤

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Listen to the beautiful song above while annika sings this for shivaay. Those who can't understand or read Punjabi can read the translation as this way you can feel their emotions more. Although it doesn't sound as good in English as Punjabi but still.....


         Annika descended down the stairs looking ethereal as always. It was their sangeet today. Haldi and mehendi functions were completed with annika enjoying the feelings of getting married to him and shivaay faking his love towards her all this while.

         Shivaay looked at her from head to toe. He couldn't help but admit that she looked ravishing. He felt proud that this beautiful lady belongs to him. Annika looked at him smiling and gestured him asking about her look. He sent a flying kiss towards her which she caught in her fist and placed it over her heart. He smiled looking at her.

         Some fake coughs disturbed their moment making her blush and him chuckle.

          Soon the function started and everyone performed including their friends and family. Annika was looking around happily which was noticed by her parents who were watching her being emotional.

      'She's looking so happy.' Avantika whispered to Harsh who nodded.

      'It's been seven years since she smiled like this. I just hope shivaay keeps her happy like this forever.' Harsh said looking at annika happily.

          This all was heard by shivaay who was passing by them. He felt guilty for playing with their emotions but *urghhhh*......his stubborn mind. He shrugged everything settling beside annika.

            It was time for annika's performance who, instead of dancing, was going to sing a song for shivaay which clearly depicts her feelings for him.

        She stood in the centre of the hall. The spotlight fell on her. Shivaay was just looking at her being confused as he wasn't aware about her this performance. It was a surprise for him which she planned to give him some happiness.

         'Shivaay! I don't know what to say because i have no words. Today, i'm too overwhelmed to even express my feelings. But i wanna sing a song for you which i feel has just been written for us......' she said gazing at him with love in her eyes. He smiled faintly.

'Main ni mangdi chann taare
Oh khaaban wala des,
Ve main bhaghan wali ho gyi
Jo tere naal judge lekh'

'Main ni mangdi chann taare
Oh khaaban wala des,
Ve main bhaghan wali ho gyi
Jo tere nal judge lekh'

('I don't ask for moon and stars
Neither that country of dreams
I became fortunate as my fate got connected to you')

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