❤Part 27❤

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    Heya lovely people! I'm back and i'm very much fine now. Thank you so much for being patient with me and for all your support and concern. Love you all❤💕


There was pin drop silence in Oberoi Mansion. The only thing observed was the exchange of glances among the media people in that eerie environment. All were shocked yet curious to know about the purpose of this sudden conference. They were just waiting for Shivaay to come and reveal everything.

     Annika, Pinki and other family members cum friends were also there. They too were perplexed since Shivaay didn't even share it with them. Annika was fidgeting with her fingers. She didn't know why she was feeling nervous all on a sudden.

      Shivaay climb down the stairs with a poker face glancing at everyone and his eyes finally halted at her, his Annika who too was looking at him. He gulped seeing her accusing glance towards him. Sighing, he closed his eyes and went towards the stage after calming his raising heartbeats. He knew this was gonna be difficult but he needed to do this at any cost.

    He cleared his throat before speaking. He could see all those anticipating eyes which were literally urging him to reveal the reason of this sudden conference.

     'Firstly, i would like to thank everyone of you who has come here on such a short notice. I won't take much of your time.....so please, relax and listen to me carefully. Today, i'm going to share a story with you all, my life's story........'

      Silence fell in the hall again. Annika gasped listening to him. How could he share their story with the public?

       'Goon!......i used to be a goon whom everyone feared. People certainly dreaded my presence. Some even hated me. I had my mother and my friends in my family. This family is all i have lived for. This family have supported me through thick and thin. My life was not perfect but it was going smoothly.......Then she came.....*again silence*.....the most beautiful and innocent girl i had ever seen.....' He said lovingly looking at Annika making her heart skip a beat. His loving gaze made her heart do somersault.

      'I never believed in love but that day, i realised that it exists. My heart literally skipped a beat after seeing her. I couldn't help falling for her. That wasn't in my control. My heart was beating on her tunes. Soon after, she became the definition of love for me. She taught me to love and made me feel loved. She loved me so selflessly that sometimes, i wondered whether i deserved her or not. I started fearing to lose her. I became selfish for her love. There were problems but she never left my side. She was ready to fight the world for me. She was always there, even when i myself pushed her away from me. She made my life beautiful. I started feeling happy. Happiness and love was all i felt. I became dependent on her. My day would start and end with her only. Every word i spoke included her name. Every time my heart beat, it whispered her name. Every time i closed my eyes, i saw her face. I heard only her voice. For me, she became my life. My life seemed to be impossible wihout her. Even a mere thought of living without her would make me shiver in fear. I not only loved but lived her........' He spoke everything with so much love in his voice that every single person felt his feelings. He wasn't the ruthless businessman people knew. Instead, he was the lover who loved his lady like everything and anything.

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