❤Part 10❤

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        Annika started falling for shivaay. The more she tried to avoid him the harder she fell for him. She was quite impressed with his caring nature and cute gestures. She had noticed that he was pretty handsome but she didn't like his clothing style. He always wore colourful shirts with ripped jeans.

       As he said he didn't stop chasing her. Now even annika started liking all this. She wouldn't care about her friends' teasing now. She would always find him standing at the field waiting for her with his ever charming smile.

       The way he always tried to protect her melted her heart. She always felt her lips curving up with his mere thought. She denied her feelings everytime but a part of her heart felt very happy with all this.

         One day, she was coming back from her school when she noticed some goons whistling at her. She glared them but they didn't stop. The area was somewhat isolated so she felt scared. She started to walk fast so as to reach her home as soon as possible. It was really hot day. She was all sweaty because of the scorching sun because of which her dress was completely sticking to her body which made those boys look at her lustly as they could see her back fully. She didn't realise all this in the haste to reach home.

         They were about to touch her but stopped seeing someone glaring at them from the other side and that someone was obviously shivaay. They got scared and ran back. Annika sighed in relief as she saw them running away. But she was confused as few moments ago they were all behaving like a rowdy rathore then what happened now. She shrugged her shoulders walking forward only to bump into shivaayHe was looking at her with a different emotion. His gaze did something to her. He walked closer to her. She gulped. He opened the first button of his shirt followed by second and then third. Her eyes widened. She closed her eyes embarrassed. She was looking so cute with those tightly closed eyes. 

        'Wh....what....ar...are.... y....you doing?' She stuttered. He smiled at her innocence.

       She opened her eyes feeling some hold on her shoulders but was astonished to see that he made her wear his shirt. She looked at him. He was staring her with all the love and possessiveness he had for her in his heart.

       'No need to worry annika. There isn't any problem now. You can go safely now.' He spoke with his eyes glued to hers.

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