❤Part 13❤

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     Shivaay was lost in his thoughts when his phone rang breaking his reverie. He picked up the call and went towards his car talking on the phone. As he sat in the car to drive he got to know from the caller that he had an urgent meeting. He sighed cutting the call and messaged annika to wait for him at the place he messaged her last night. Starting the car he drove off to oberoi industries........


       Annika was choosing the dress to wear but she was unable to. She had tried a lot of dresses but didn't even find a single one to suit her for the day. She was never this choosy but whenever it comes to him she wanted to look her best. Although he never cared what she was wearing since he always found her beautiful in whatever she wore but today there was something different, something special. So she was making some extra efforts to look beautiful. When she got the message from shivaay that he would be late she really felt relieved as she got some more time to get ready.

      Finally after two hours she selected her dress and getting ready left towards the place he asked her to come to. It was some cafe near to his office.

        She was driving the car when his eyes fell on a boy who was beating someone mercilessly. She stopped the car and was about to go towards them when police came there. Realising that everything was under the control of the police she again started driving. Her thoughts drifted to the memory of shivaay when he had beaten a criminal so brutally that he was begging for his death......


      Annika was going to meet shivaay at the place where he used to do his work along with his friends and boss when his friends stopped her saying shivaay was busy. She narrowed her eyes at them as she found their behaviour somewhat suspicious but they just shrug it off.

      'Guys! Let me go. I wanna meet him.' She passed by them making their eyes widened. They signed each other to do something.

      Shivaay only said them to stop her since he didn't want her to see his beast mode. She could get scared which he didn't want. She was fierce but more sensitive when it comes to such matters.

        'Ohhh my godddd!' Rudra cried over dramatically stopping her in her way.

       'What happened rudy?' She raised her eyebrows.

      'I know everything bhabhi. You don't need to pretend anything.' He said in his ever so innocent voice. Well they started calling her bhabhi the day she proposed shivaay.

      'Hain?' She looked puzzled.

     'I know you don't love us. You just want to spend time with shivaay not with us.' He shed some fake tears. Even after knowing that his plan was flop others supported him.

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