❤Part 18❤

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I know you guys hate shivaay for what he's doing with annika but trust me, he will surely have his share of punishment. Our Annika will be khidkitod once again and this badtmeez SSO will be a bheegibilli then😆...i assure you that he will regret badly and madly....That's my pinki promise to you guys😛


       Shivaay opened his eyes to see Annika sleeping with a tear stricken face. The creased lines on her forehead clearly gave away her stressed mind. He observed her keenly. His hands urged him to caress her cheeks. His lips had a sudden urge to kiss her forehead in order to wipe those lines off her forehead. But would he do it? No! A big no.

     He felt her waking up and immediately closed his eyes pretending to be asleep to see her reaction. She woke up rubbing her eyes and looked at him. The memories of last night came rushing to her mind and her eyes watered involuntarily.

      She caressed his hair placing a warm kiss on his forehead. 'How long i have been waiting for this moment.' She whispered joining her forehead with his. He found it hard to keep his eyes closed. Her choking voice was making it more hard for him.

      'I don't know why are you doing this, shivaay. But please, don't break your annika anymore, she's already broken.' Her tears fell on his face who closed his eyes more tightly. She parted away from him seeing him getting disturbed. Wiping her tears, she went to freshen up. As soon as she entered the washroom, he opened his eyes wiping her tears away from his face. He looked at a tear drop which left on his finger. There was a time when he used to hate to see her crying. But now, he himself is the reason of those tears, which once used to be priceless pearls for him. He chucked his thoughts away and left towards the guest room taking his clothes to get ready for the day.

     When she came out of the restroom, he was setting his hair looking into the mirror. She went to him and started combing her hair stealing glances with him who had a stern expression on his face.

      He was about to go when annika stopped him forwarding her nuptial chain and vermillion box towards him asking him to make her wear those. He looked at her.

     'I'm busy.' He said and started doing something in his phone. She gulped back the lump formed in her throat. She didn't want to cry, at least not in front of him.

     She tried to wear the nuptial chain on her own but was struggling with the hook. He kept looking at her. Five minutes passed but she couldn't tie it. Sighing, he went towards her and held the chain in his hands making her look at him. His whole attention was on the hook but she was completely lost in him. His hot breath fanning on her neck made her feel jitters in her spine. He realised that the hook was loose so he used his teeth to tighten it. His lips slightly brushed with her neck while she clutched the hem of her dress in her fists. After he was done, he looked at her reflection in the mirror but was amused to see her red cheeks. That's when he realised what he did.

      She again showed him the vermillion box. He was about to deny it but her innocence didn't let him do it. He was in a trance seeing her innocent eyes which were pleading him to not break her heart more. Her lips formed a perfect pout making her look like an adorable kid melting his heart. Having no other option, he applied the vermillion in her partition and left from there without looking at her. She smiled faintly kissing her nuptial chain.

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