❤Part 33❤

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  Since it's your birthday today sara_shivika_ toh you deserved an update baby. So here you go.

Happy birthday once again, sara❤🎂🎂 stay blessed....


   Annika looked at him trying to decipher the look on his face but failed. His face was blank. He didn't react for few minutes. Annika waited patiently for his response.

       Shivaay, needless to say, was hurt. He felt needles piercing into his heart listening to her accusation. She thought so low him. She thought he would stoop so low that he would use their intimacy to melt her. The mere thought made him cringe in disgust.

       But he masked his emotions. Letting her know that he was hurt as well as angry on her to think like that only meant to prove her accusation right. He knew what he intended to do and he would do that. He also knew that it was just her insecurities which weren't letting her think rationally. She was confused about everything. He had to deal with patience and delicacy with her. His anger had once ruined their relationship to an extent that he was on the verge of losing her but not anymore. It was time for him to prove his love and he wouldn't back off now. He was determined enough to not feel weak over every single thing.

        He looked at her giving a small smile. Annika knew what that smile meant. It depicted sadness. She knew he was hurt but didn't want to show in front of her. She didn't mean to hurt him but she couldn't help it. She just told him what she felt. Her own mind was boggled up. She was literally flooded with so many thoughts that she couldn't think what was right and wrong.

       'Shivaay!' She muttered sighing.

     'It's fine, Annika. It's....I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. But i promise, it won't happen from now on. I won't touch you from this very moment till the time you yourself give me your permission.' He spoke calmly trying to not let his voice crack down in front of her.

       She felt a pang in her heart hearing those words. She should be happy but she wasn't. She has again lost the little peace she got a day ago just because of her own stupid insecurities.

    He got up wishing her good night and slept on the bed. She couldn't say anything being unable to fathom the situation.

      Next morning, Annika went towards the dining table. Others were already there. Shivaay brought the food from the kitchen and sat on his place. Today again, all the delicacies were Annika's favourite.

      She gazed at him amused. She didn't expect this after last night. But he gave her his ever charming smile. She ate the food smiling as she realised that he wasn't going to fall weak this time.

     Since it was Sunday, everybody was at home. They were sitting in the hall chit chatting while shivaay was attending a conference call in his room. Annika thought to arrange her wardrobe properly as she didn't get time on weekdays.

       She entered the room to see him busy on the call. Ignoring him, she went towards the wardrobe and started arranging her stuff. She was busy in her work when he cut the call. He glanced at her.

      Both were busy in their own works, she arranging the stuff while he admiring her. Suddenly, a box fell down from the cupboard and a paper fell down from it. He immediately stood up going to have a closer look as he felt the paper somewhat familiar. She widened her eyes seeing him approaching.

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