❤Part 21❤

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He trailed his lips down her neck making her clutch the bedsheet in her fists. He bit her collarbone making her hiss but soon soothed with his hot tongue giving her a brand new hickey. She moaned his name loudly. He was about to move down when she pushed him over the bed hovering him. She kissed his neck opening his shirt buttons. He groaned while she kissed over his chest. He caressed her hair and realised that she wasn't moving anymore. He looked down to see the most adorable sight. She was sleeping peacefully with a cute pout hugging him. He smiled realising that she passed out. Kissing her forehead, he too fell into deep slumber caging her in his arms.

Next morning, he woke up with a terrible headache. He tried to get up but realised that he was unable to move. He looked down to see Annika sleeping over him. She was literally caging him in her arms. He wondered how did they end up like this. He carefully made her lie down on the bed so as to not disturb her sleep but was shocked to see a hickey on her neck. He rubbed his temple in tension. No, he wasn't regretting that but he didn't want her to feel that he just wanted her body even after not accepting her as his wife.

Getting up from the bed, he ordered two glasses of lemonade for them which arrived just in five minutes. He gulped it in a go which made him feel somewhat better. Freshening up, he sat in the balcony taking his laptop. Annika was still asleep.

After two hours, he heard some whimpering sound from inside the room and he knew she was awake. He immediately went inside to see her sitting on the bed holding her head moaning in pain. She looked at him who forwarded the glass of lemonade towards her. She took it and gulped.

She looked at herself only to recall the last night happenings. Her eyes turned wide as the flashes of the previous night played on loop in her mind. She remembered everything. He was just looking at her with his arms folded across his chest.

Her eyes fell on the mirror and some red mark on her neck caught her attention. Analysing it carefully, she realised that it was a hickey. She gazed at him with wide eyes who was trying to avoid her gaze.

'What....what is...it?' She stammered.

'A hickey.' He replied sarcastically making her frown.

'That i know....but....' she stopped as a tear slid down her cheek. He knew what she was thinking. They were on the verge of making out. What could have happened if they actually made out? Even he didn't want that. Neither did she. Their relation was at the stage where neither they can accept each other nor they can leave each other.

He sat beside her seeing her crying.

'Annika, we were drunk.' He spoke calmly. She looked at him angrily.

'Do you even realise what could have happened, Shivaay? That too when you don't even consider me as your wife....' she said in anger.

'Do you re...regret what happened last night?' He asked fearing that she might say something which he didn't want to listen to.

'How can you even say that, Shivaay?' She exclaimed looking at him. He sighed.

'Only you have that right..but....i just want that moment to be special. It should be from our heart, shivaay. Not when you have so much grudges against me in your heart.' She said looking at him while he sat there without saying anything.

'You don't have anything to say right?' She asked angrily. He didn't budge.

'Fine!' She muttered being annoyed and left to freshen up. He again started his work.

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