❤Part 4❤

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      'Shivaaayyyyyy' he heard his mother's scream and immediately left to the hall leaving his work. It was all dark in the hall. 'Maa! Maa! Where are you?'

       He looked here and there trying to find her when the lights turned on alongwith a loud scream, 'Surpriseeeeee.'

     Om, Rudra, Arnav, Annay and Ishani came from behind singing the happy birthday song. He smiled looking at them. Pinky came from the kitchen with a cake. Everyone hugged him and wished him happy birthday.

      'Maa! You okay na? You guys literally gave me a heart attack.' He said holding pinky's hands making others chuckle.
      'I'm fine shivaay. Let's leave all this and cut the cake.'

      He cut the cake and fed pinky followed by others. Omru kept their hands on his shoulders saying, 'What do you want as a gift brotherman?'

     He smiled. His thoughts went to his meeting with annika. 'Jo chahiye tha woh toh pehle hi mil gya.'('I already got what i wanted.') His smile turned more wide. Everyone was confused except pinky as she knows her son very well.

     'Kya mil gya bro?'('What did you get bro?') It was arnav who spoke teasingly. Shivaay shrugged his shoulders.

      'Arey dude! Let's dance na. I'm getting bored now.' Spoke rudra in his ever enthusiastic voice. Others hooted. They started dancing including pinky and ishani. He smiled genuinely looking at them. It was his family who was there with him through thick and thin. His mother, his friends and his sister cum best friend. Though he still felt a void because of her absence but was happy that he had his family with him. He wanted to let her enter his world again but was afraid of being heartbroken again.........


       Annika was sitting in her balcony contemplating over her thoughts about their meet. She knew he was hurt and angry but she didn't have any other option at that time. She was thinking about the ways to pacify him. She understood that it was gonna be difficult but she knew she had to do it and she will do it. She didn't know how but she was determined enough to get her way through all this. She once did a mistake which made her lose him but not again. She wasn't going to give on him, on them whatever may come. And with this determination in her heart and mind, she slept over there only with a hope in her heart to meet him again soon.........


         Shivaay entered the hospital alongwith pinky as he wanted to get her checkup done since she fainted yesterday. Although pinky denied but he was adamant as he didn't want to take any risk with her health.

      He was waiting outside a room as pinky was gone for the tests when he looked towards her block. His feet started walking towards it involuntarily and he didn't even realise that but soon came out of his thoughts hearing a child crying. He was about to go to that child when his eyes halted over annika as she kneeled down in front of the kid.

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