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Second Chance(completed) by ChasingDreamcatchers
Second Chance(completed)by A
Sometimes falling in love once is not enough. The second time does the trick. Cover Credits: @EnigmaUnseen
AN UNWANTED MARRIAGE  ✔️ by Jelenaisbae
Shivaay Singh Oberoi a businessman and a playboy who uses girls as tissues while Anika Malhotra who is cheerful and beautiful she is having a boyfriend Aarav Singh Raiza...
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Love Blossoms | Completed by Manya_Eswar
Love Blossoms | Completedby Manya
▪▪ SAMPLE VERSION ▪▪ ▪ Complete book available on Dreame ▪ ▪▪ A story which revolves around people who not only have different worlds but also are totally opposite to ea...
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Second Chance (#1) by flying-cupid
Second Chance (#1)by Black Widow
A man, who lost his trust in love after being cheated by his childhood sweetheart, is followed closely by his wife, whom he left on the day of the wedding. She believes...
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#83 in Fanfiction (24-2-2018) #123 in Fanfiction (13-2-2018) Its a story based on shivika and their college life and how they fell for each others love....... I hope u...
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NOT THEM ...US by deathplan
NOT THEM ...USby deathplan
Based on the on going track of shivaay killing tej....enjoy
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Ishqbaaz - Pain to Love 😘✔ by AshwathyS
Ishqbaaz - Pain to Love 😘✔by Ashwathy
This is a story based on popular serial Ishqbaaz. This story is based on the love and care between siblings and their pain turns into LOVE by their soulmates. #275 in F...
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MUJHSE JUDAA HOKAR by meera55oberoi
Two people who love each other to the moon and back but they part their ways due to a misunderstanding. One is left with nothing and the other can see a ray of hope in...
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Ishqbaaz : LOST WITHOUT YOU ✔ by Anshika16
Ishqbaaz : LOST WITHOUT YOU ✔by Anshika
The continues 2 years after ShivIka's separation...... Shivaay is back in SSO mode while Anika is chirpy girl tries to make other laugh hiding her pain........ Read more...
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winning you back by abhi18699
winning you backby abhi
the story continues after shivika remarriage , where shivaay will introduce Tanya as his wife after 15 days of disappearance .
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Shivika: Will love blossom again? by vagilikku
Shivika: Will love blossom again?by Likitha
Shivaay Singh Oberoi decides to divorce Anika after he gets black mailed by Mrs. Kapoor. Anika decides to leave his life. An incident completely changes the life of Anik...
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Love after Marriage | Completed  by Manya_Eswar
Love after Marriage | Completed by Manya
▪▪ COMPLETED ▪▪ ▪▪▪ Yeh Rishta kis mod thak jayegi ▪▪▪ What happens when two people who don't want to get married and who don't believe in the concept of love get marrie...
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ISHKARA  FF : RISHTON KA CHAKRAVYUH [Slow Updates] by ishkararumyaforever
ISHKARA FF : RISHTON KA ishkararumyaforever
#448 rank in FANFICTION #634 rank in FANFICTION What will a daughter do to gain back her father's love which she lost due to some misunderstandings ? Will her siblings...
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Falling For The Planner [Completed]✔ by crazymaniac_
Falling For The Planner [ Crazymaniac_
Having a destination wedding, shivaay Singh Oberoi was going to get married with Tia Kapoor. His mind was still stuck between her thoughts, his planner - Annika. Being j...
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Choices I made  by _aisha_ish
Choices I made by ❤❤
Hi I m shivaay! it's my story in which I m only repenting bcoz of the choices I made! I always choosed my family instead of my Wife but she beared all the humiliatio...
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Ishq by Annna_malik
Ishqby annna malik
The love story of ASP Shivaay singh oberoi and anika vardan trivedi.How he made her fall in his love after marriage.
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❤ Be Mine Forever ❤ by Rachna84
❤ Be Mine Forever ❤by Rachna Saxena
Entered in wattys2019 *-*-*-*-* HIGHEST RANKING (Manan FF) #2 of #KYY out of 1.32k stories #4 of #MANAN out of 4.12k stories #11 of #Shivaay out of 1.73k stories #19 of...
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The Making of a Fairytale by rainbowwveins
The Making of a Fairytaleby rainbowwveins
Annika Ahuja was always adamant about not falling in love or dating. Reason? She wanted a fairy-tale arranged marriage where she falls in love with the person her parent...
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Knowing you better - SHIVIKA SS ✔ [COMPLETED] by crazymaniac_
Knowing you better - SHIVIKA SS ✔ Crazymaniac_
The day after, shivaay saved annika from goons, when she saved him from going to jail, she took his side, knowing he was innocent. What if after listening to the advice...
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Shots Of Ishqbaazi by rainbowwveins
Shots Of Ishqbaaziby rainbowwveins
One/Two Shot Series on Ishqbaaaz people, including non-canon, real-life couples. Cover by @ImLilMissComplicated
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