❤Part 36❤

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      Shivaay entered the police station along with his lawyer and Pinki. He had got her bail papers ready. He looked at Annika who was sitting in the prison looking at nothing particular. Her knees close to her chest, her quivering lips, red nose and puffy eyes showed her vulnerability. She was looking as if someone has snatched her soul from her body. Shivaay's heart ached seeing her condition.

      His lawyer gave the papers to the inspector who checked them while Shivaay went to Annika. He called her but she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even hear his voice. He called her thrice but she still didn't budge. At last, he had to shout her name to break her chain of thoughts.

      She looked at him with sorrowful eyes. Tears again appeared on their own seeing him. She cupped her face crying bitterly. Shivaay couldn't see her like that. His khidkitod annika was breaking down which was intolerable for him.

      The lady officer brought Annika out. Pinki hugged her immediately. Annika hiccuped in her mother in law's embrace. After completing the formalities, they took her home.


      Shivaay sat in front of Annika who was resting her head on the headrest closing her eyes.


    She opened her eyes slowly as he called her.

     'Khaana kha ko.'('have some food.') He asked taking the plate from the trolley.

     'I'm not hungry.' She shook her head.

     'Baby, thoda sa. Mere liye, please.' ('Baby, a little bit. For me, please.') He pleaded forwarding the morsel towards her. She ate slowly not having the energy to deny again. He fed her lovingly and went to keep the dishes in kitchen and himself had his dinner after Pinki persuaded him.


     Everyone left for the court hearing after two days with thumping hearts. Annika's parents were there too. They didn't know what will happen today but each one of them prayed Annika's happiness and wellbeing.

     Shivaay had tried a lot to find a proof in Annika's defence but he couldn't. His hope was breaking bit by bit but his determination didn't let him give up. Even the CCTV footage of the hospital showed that it was Annika who tampered the medicines along with some other man....

      Annika stood in the witness box lowering her not having the strength to look into anyone's eyes. She didn't know what's coming her way but feared the worst. Though Shivaay had assured her but the uneasy feeling was just not ready to leave her mind.

      'Your honour, the case is crystal clear here. I have the evidence which proves Dr. Annika guilty and i would like to present it here.' The lawyer against Annika spoke as the hearing started.

     'You may proceed.' The judge gave his order clasping his hands together.

     The lawyer played the footage in front of everyone. Everyone gasped seeing the content.

Footage content

     Annika walked out of the hospital to go home. Exactly after five minutes, she entered back stealthily and went towards the medical store.

     A person with covered face was already waiting for her there. They both exchanged the medicines and went from there through the back door.

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