❤Part 6❤

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Flashback continues....

      Annika was coming back from her school while shivaay was standing in front of a field where he used to play cricket or other sports alongwith his friends. They all were talking and drinking when his eyes fell on annika and there he lost his heart to the first ever girl in his life. He couldn't take his eyes off her. He had seen someone so beautiful and innocent for the first time so far. He kept looking at her which was noticed by his friends as well. They followed his gaze and noticed annika. A smirk immediately formed on their lips seeing a girl for them to tease but they were forgetting about the consequences.

      'Hayeee! What a masterpiece she is man?' Spoke arnav looking at annika from top to bottom which broke shivaay's daze.

     'Haina! Let's do the honours of making her feel heaven.' It was Annay who looked at her lustly while omru smirked. Shivaay closed his fist tightly in anger. He didn't know why he felt anger rushing to his veins. His friends used to do all this before also. Though he tried to control them from doing anything wrong as he was never a fan of such things but this time it was different. He felt something more but he didn't know what. He didn't like the words masterpiece and all they were using for this unknown yet familiar girl. He felt a strange connection with her as if there was something which was attracting him towards her.

       They were about to move towards her when shivaay stopped them. 'Don't you dare.' He spoke in his dangerous and cold voice while they all looked at him shocked.

     'Shivaay!' Om opened his mouth but stopped seeing shivaay's deadly glare.

      'Just let her go else the consequences won't be good.' He whispered angrily.

     'What has happened to you man? Don't tell me you fell for her in the first sight only.' Rudra spoke finally getting annoyed with all this. Shivaay was tongue tied. Rudra's question made him contemplate about it. Did he really fell for her? Was it love at first sight? Did he love her? But he didn't get any answer to his questions.

      Annika left from there without even realising the commotion going on behind her. She was completely lost in her own thoughts that she didn't even see her surroundings.

       Shivaay just left silently without saying anything. His friends smiled knowingly staring at his retreating figure. Being his best friends they knew him too well. It was the first time shivaay felt something for a girl and they were gonna support him no matter what. They knew he was confused regarding his feelings but they will help him to realise his feelings. If this will give him some happiness then they would definitely do it.......

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