❤Part 35❤

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     It'd been a week since Annika started her work in her new hospital. Everything was going smoothly. Though she was quite apprehensive at first for all the new responsibilities that came her way but with Shivaay being there, it felt a lot more easier. He never left her side. His few words of encouragement were what she needed. More than that, the fact that he was always there with her didn't let her give up.

       One such day, she was sitting in her room with a pout flipping the pages of a random magazine. It was 7 in the evening. Shivaay had gone for a business trip for two days. It was still twelve hours for him to come. She had pretended to not care that he was going but now she was terribly missing him. His absence did no good to her tender heart. She was literally yearning to see him, to hear his voice. He hadn't called her even once because he was busy and she being the egoistic one didn't dare to call. Her eyes were now glistening with tears. The more disheartening fact was that she was alone at home. Pinki had gone to attend someone's wedding. Others were busy in their own works.

      She went downstairs to fill her tummy as now hunger knocked it. She made white sauce pasta for herself and serving it in a plate, she sat in the dining room.

      'Good evening, sweetheart.' A voice fell into her ears which she recognised immediately.

      She looked back and instantly stood up seeing Shivaay standing there with his ever charming smile looking at her. She smiled widely jumping like a kid.

     'Shivaay!' She squealed.

      'So happy seeing me back.' He grinned teasing her.

     She stood on her place seeing his grin and composed herself.

      'Ohhh! I....i th...thought it's maa....' she stammered trying to set her hair properly.

     'I didn't know maa has changed her name.' He giggled looking at her embarrassed face. Although a smile threatened to broke on her lips but she concealed it soon.

      'How was your work?' She asked changing the topic trying to avoid any more embarrassment.

      'It was good but pretty tiring.' He replied pouring the water in a glass and gulped it gazing at her.

      He then took the plate filled with pasta and went towards the room eating a spoonful of it.

      'Hey, that's mine.' Annika exclaimed seeing him taking the plate.

      'Ohhh! It's so delicious, darling.' He replied in a sultry voice going upstairs as he ate one more spoon.

      Annika looked at him with her jaw dropped. But soon a giggle escaped her lips as she hit her forehead. She was glad, really really glad that he was back. Now that empty room won't haunt her anymore. But she wondered how he came so early when he clearly said that it would take him two days to complete his work.

     Next day, Annika was checking the stock of medicines that came this morning. She had two surgeries to perform the next day so she had to clear the list of medicines she needed.

     After completing her work, she kept those medicines carefully and went to check her patients.

     It was 10 in the night, when she left for home. Exactly after five minutes, someone entered inside the hospital stealthily and directly went towards the medicine store.

   Twelve hours later,

   Operation theatre

     Annika was performing the surgery with other doctors. It was going good but she noticed some problem after she injected the required medicine into the man's body. She still tried to stabilise his condition but it was worsening with time. The surgery went for two long hours but unfortunately, the man slipped into coma. Annika was disheartened. It was her first surgery in the new hospital and she couldn't believe it was unsuccessful. She couldn't understand what went wrong.

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