❤Bonus part 1❤

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Evening, 6pm  

      Annika entered their room slowly to see Shivaay and 6 years old Anayka sitting on the bed cupping their faces propping their elbows on their knees. Their frowns told her that they were angry.

      She tiptoed towards them. They looked at her and frowned more glaring her.

     'Sorry...' she whispered looking down with a pout.

    Anayka left from there without saying anything. Shivaay too got up to go but she held his wrist.

     'I'm sorry...' she again apologised looking at him.

      'I'm listening to your sorry since a month now...' He mocked freeing his hand from her hold and left to see his munchkin.

      Annika looked at his retreating figure sadly. She knew it was her fault. They both were asking her for a dayout for they didn't get time for each other given to their busy schedules. They planned every weekend since a month but always had to cancel because Annika had extra work in her hospital. Shivaay was understanding her condition and was trying to make Anayka busy with other things so that she doesn't feel bad. But it was the limit today. It happened for the fifth time when Annika got late after promising them to go out in the evening. She knew she messed up.

      Shivaay saw Anayka playing with Rudra. He smiled seeing her laughing whole heartedly. He couldn't see her sad. He was angry on Annika for not taking atleast an hour for their daughter who was longing to spend some time with her mother. Annika got so busy in her hospital work that she didn't even have ten minutes for her family. That's what hurt shivaay. He always tried to balance his professional and personal life. He always tried that Annika shouldn't be the only one to take care of Anayka. He helped her equally. But Annika lacked in doing so. Though it wasn't the same before a month but the last month changed something. He decided to talk to her about it.

Two hours later

     Shivaay was about to sit on his chair to have his dinner when he noticed Annika's absence. Anayka was looking at him with the same expression.

     'Where is Annika?' He asked Pinky who replied that Annika didn't want to have her dinner. He sighed.

      Asking pinky to send their dinner in the room, he left to look for his jaana while his munchkin followed him quietly.

     Both reached the poolside to see her sitting there dipping her feet in water. She was crying while looking at the moon.

      'Rotlu mumma..' Both said dramatically looking at each other shaking their heads.
      They went towards her and sat on her either sides. She wiped her tears sensing their presence but didn't say anything. Both were looking at her curiously. She was looking down.

      They poked her either shoulders. She didn't react. Both pouted sadly.

       They kissed her either cheeks. She sat still. They pouted again.

      'We love you, mumma...' Both chorused embracing her from both the sides tightly. She burst out crying hugging them both. They wiped her tears.

     Parting away, she looked at them.

      'I'm sorry...' she whispered holding their hands.

      'It's fine..' He spoke kissing her forehead. Anayka did the same imitating his action. Annika took her in her lap.

     'I'm sorry, niku. I promise we will go out tomorrow. I'll spend whole day with you..' Annika said while Anayka clapped excitedly. Shivaay smiled looking at them.

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