❤Part 24❤

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'Who are you?'

Her words shocked him to the core. The mere thought of his jaana not remembering him made him shiver in fear.

'An..annika.' He whispered gulping hard. He couldn't fathom what to do. He was lost in his own thoughts but her next words broke his reverie.

'Ohhh! You are toh my boss. I'm so sorry sir i couldn't recognise you.' She spoke ever so formally making him look at her being confused.

'Annika! What are you saying?'

'Arey, sir! You only said na i'm your employee and you are my boss. And i'm so grateful to have you here. Else which boss care for his employees so much.' She again said with sugar-coated voice. Now he understood what was she trying to do but before he could say anything, Pinky came inside. She looked at them but was shocked to see Annika awake. A wide smile broke onto her lips with tears escaping her eyes. She immediately rushed towards Annika engulfing her in a hug. Annika hugged her back with faint smile.

'Annika, you are fine na?' Pinky asked caressing her hair. Annika nodded wiping Pinky's tears.

'I'm fine, maa.'

The doctor checked her and asked her to stay in the hospital at least for a week as a few wounds were still there on her head. Her parents too met her. They too expressed their emotions while crying. But Annika didn't cry. She just hugged everyone and told them that she was fine. Not even a single tear came out of her eyes.

One more week passed. His friends including Ishani too came to visit her. Shivaay still stayed there only. He didn't want to leave her alone but she completely ignored him. Whenever he tried to help her in any way, she straightaway denied and asked Ishani or Pinky for help. She didn't even spare a single glance at him. Everyone realised that there was something wrong among the two but nobody interfered as they thought it was better if the two themselves solved it.

Shivaay was heartbroken was needless to say. Her ignorance was killing him. Everytime she ignored him, he felt his heart stinking with immense pain. He feared that he lost her. Fear gripped his whole being. He felt his whole existence crushing down. He spent his days outside her ward since she didn't want to see him while nights were spent by sitting on the couch in her room staring at her who slept peacefully under the effect of sedatives. He knew he deserved her ignorance but it was unbearable for him. His Annika was no more his. She wasn't the Annika he knew. She wasn't the khidkitod Annika she used to be. If something like this had happened seven years ago, she would have literally killed him but now, all he received was her silence, her indifference which was nothing less than hell for him. He was dying in guilt each second. He wished he hadn't done all that. He wished he had died at that very moment before hurting her. He knew he had broken her but he didn't know how to ask her forgiveness. He knew his sin was unforgivable but he wanted her to forgive him, badly and madly. If not that, then she can punish him but this indifference was beyond his tolerance.


Annika was getting discharged today. All the formalities were completed. She was about to get up from the hospital bed when Shivaay forwarded his hand to help. She made a stern face.

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